Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 41 , Feb19557 6 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 5 2019 Drawing onmore than 10 years’ experience, BackBox is the leading provider of intelligent automation for all security andnetworkdevices. Having awarded the firmMost Outstanding AutomationPlatform2019 –USA in our 2019 Corporate Excellencewe profile it tofind outmore and learn the secrets behind the phenomenal success it enjoys today. Committed to Delivering Excellence Originally founded in 2009 based on mar- ket driven demands for a consolidated, automated configu- ration backup and recovery solu- tion, over the years BackBox has evolved into the leading provider of intelligent automation for all security and network devices. Today BackBox is leading the intelligent security and network automation revolution, increas- ing organizations operational efficiency, reliability and visibility while significantly reducing over- all risk. Thanks to its award-winning technology, the firm now offers scheduled automated backup and storing of device configu- rations, single-click recovery, real-time inventory management, network visibility, custom task au- tomation, and pre-emptive health checks for all your critical devices on the network. The BackBox solution is fully integrated with over 170 leading technology vendors, with some key partners including Check Point, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Cisco, HP, F5, McAfee and many others, providing an Intelligent Automation solu- tion through a single, central repository for all security and network devices, eliminating the need for manual or scripted procedures. Supporting a wide range of clients, BackBox is not limited to the type or size and works with a wide variety of businesses. Whilst BackBox is best suited for Enterprises with a large on-prem- Feb19557 ise or cloud-based security and network infrastructure, it is also an ideal solution for Managed Security Service Providers providing remote services to their customers, the firm is able to work alongside clients of all sizes and sectors to provide support that they can rely on. The firm’s vast portfolio of more than 500 customers worldwide spans approximately 17 different industry verticals, and each client can rest assured that they will receive support and service that is tailored to meet their exact needs. For these clients the firm’s solution simplifies the way they manage and maintain their network by offering the ability to automate every aspect of day-to- day manual procedures such as disaster recovery, dynamic asset management, network visibility and performance forecasting, among many others. Seeking to offer clients quality support and services they can rely on, BackBox invests in all of its relationships, which results in amazing relationship with our customers and partners. For cli- ents, the firm listens to problems and frustrations with their securi- ty and networks infrastructures, and this proactive approach has helped the firm to rise to the leading position it enjoys in the market today. As a global company, BackBox offers a 24/7 support service so that clients can rest assured that whenever they have an issue there will be a member of the firm’s expert team on hand to support and guide them to a suc- cessful outcome. With over 500 leading customers worldwide, BackBox has been helping or- ganizations for the past 10 years, to automate a variety of tasks and processes all with minimal oper- ation time, ease of use, low TCO and a high ROI for maintaining the network infrastructure. Ultimately, as BackBox continues to build on its success, there will continue to be develop- ments within the industry which the team will have to adapt to. However, the team at BackBox are well suited to the ever-evolv- ing nature of the industry, as adaptation is a key aspect of the company’s success and is core to the BackBox solution. In a rapidly changing IT industry where networks only continue to grow more and more complex with the advancement in tech- nology and security, the primary goal at BackBox has always been to continue to make the management of your security and network devices simpler, through intelligent automation. This will remain its core focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future filled with opportunities for further growth and success.