Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 53 , CORPORATE VISION / Issue 5 21 Mar19408 Skill for Life is an innovative organisation committed to profiling community-based upliftment programs designed to help fight poverty in Africa. Having recognised the organisation as South Africa’s Most Outstanding Training Company – 2019 in our 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards we profile it to learnmore about the vital work it undertakes. Driving Out Poverty One Skill at a Time Formed by a team of dynamic ladies, Skill for Life has been com- mitted to supporting people across Africa and helping them to earn skills that will help lift them and their commu- nities out of poverty. In the beginning the organisations’ Founders committed themselves to improve the lives of disadvan- taged youth, women and people with disability with an employable skill. They envisage encouraging communities to participate in the economy of South Africa, with the aim of improving their living conditions. Today the organisation provides training which focuses on skills that are needed in any given commu- nity and the surrounded industries. This empowers the community to be self-sustainable and helps members to develop long-term independence for themselves, their families and their communities. Alongside its training, Skill for Life also undertake socio develop- ment projects, in which the team undertakes upliftment programs for the elderly and vulnerable children, including child headed households and children in oncology. As part of this offering the organisation sup- ports African countries by teaching the community to grow their own vegetables and assist them with their own vegetable gardens. These services are vital in Africa, where there are many challenges and many face long-term poverty as a result of various systems that leave them unable to find skilled work. The number of long-term unemployed people is very high in South Africa and these individuals do not have enough funds to pay for skills to empower themselves and to improve the lives of their families. The challenges are to get corporates to sponsor these individuals so that they can get an industry related employable skill. With technology and the market that keeps changing, individuals need to stay relevant with the demand of industry to make sure that they are employable. To fight poverty successfully Skill for Life needs corporates to sponsor more individuals, and as such driving companies to make real change is another key aspect of the or- ganisation’s work. Skill for Life ap- proach various corporates regular and invited them to sponsor socio development and to spend their training budget with the organisa- tion in order to drive real change. As part of this focus on raising awareness about the importance of its services, Skill for Life also make use of Social Media advertising to reach people in rural areas. Social media advertising is affordable and reach a large amount of targeted low income community members who need the most aid. Moving forward, as part of practical training for qualified artisans, the Founders of this unique organisa- tion intend to renovate houses for people from indigent families and in particular, senior citizens in the communities. Skill For Life will also be developing and coaching newly founded entrepreneurs in commu- nities to promote self-sustainability and sustainable job creation. In addition, the organisation has a number of goals which it is keen to achieve. For example, Skill for Life wants to reach 100 000 poor communities in 2019 to uplift them with a sustainable employable skill to grow the economy and to lower the unemployment rate that is currently at 27%. The organisation also wants to establish 200 new vegetable gardens at underprivi- lege schools to feed learners for them to perform and focus more in school. Seeking to support a wide variety of people across Africa, Skill for Life is also keen to provide parents with children in the oncology ward with transportation to be able to visit their children. These children receive excellent medical care, but their families do not have transport or funds for public transport to be able to visit their children. Some of these children are submitted for as long as 6 months to a year. Skill for Life wants to bring a change, smiles and love to a dying child. Ultimately, through its commitment to making real change, Skill For Life is equipped to fight poverty one skill at a time. Company: Skill for Life Name: Cathlene de Witt / Marthie Jansen van Rensburg Address: 168 Boncretion Street, Pomona Junction, Kempton Park, 1619 Telephone: 076 878 0098 / 076 414 1055 Web Address: