Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 89 , CORPORATE VISION / Issue 8 21 Jun19366 Delivering Creative Solutions To Challenging Legal Issues The Hull Firmprimarily focuses on criminal defense cases. Earlier this year, the firm’s Partner, MarkHull, found success in CV’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards where he was recognized as theMost Trusted Criminal LawAttorney, 2019 – Texas. Following this win, we caught up withMarkwho provided us with a glimpse into his award-winning approach and the services both himself and the teamat The Hull Firmoffer their clients. Based in Austin, Texas, The Hull Firm focuses on County criminal offenses as well as Federal cases that occur in the area. Since their inception, the firm has worked tirelessly to ensure that they stay true to their core belief, which is customer satisfaction, a primary concern of their work products. In the last seven years in particu- lar, The Hull Firm has evolved rapidly into one of the highest profile and grossing criminal law firms in Texas. Leading the firm to these remarkable heights is Mark Hull, who initially began focusing his practice on criminal law in 2010. Although Mark has been a licensed attorney for over 15 years, he has not exclusively practiced law for that entire time- frame. Going into further detail about his journey to the top, Mark begins by explaining to us how he began his exceptional career through word of mouth referrals, noting the importance of personal touches that contribute to the firm’s and his own success. “My first criminal clients were all word of mouth referrals. To this day, that is the main backbone to my Firm’s success. We have re- cently decided to start advertising and scale the firm to a larger size. However, my desire to keep my personal touch on each client has been something we have worked to scale. It’s all about hiring the right people who will carry our firm’s core belief that the client comes first.” Working alongside Mark in his quest to ensure that each of the firm’s clients are well-represent- ed and receive an impeccable service, is the experienced, com- mitted and hard-working team which forms the backbone of The Hull Firm. When discussing the internal culture, Mark is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm. “My staff is instrumental to the firm’s success, as I cannot be in multiple places at once. Without my paralegals and associate attorney, we would be unable to grow nor be available to all of our clients at a moments notice. The quality of your staff can make or break a firm and I am proud to have the best in Texas working with me!” Looking ahead to what the future holds for The Hull Firm, Mark touches on how the team is implementing social media tactics to make the process of hiring a lawyer easier and adapting it for a new generation of clients. “Currently, we are focusing on social media interactions with clients, as they want to see who it is they are hiring. Lifestyle and personal information are less sheltered as social media contin- ues to grow. I’m currently focus- ing the growth of my brand in the legal community by creating and cultivating a digital persona.” “There is a whole generation of people that grew up with social media and they crave direct inter- action. They place credibility with people who have a large social media presence and following. I believe this social media capital will be the driving force behind all new businesses over the coming decade. As such, I am primarily focused on growing this segment for myself and my firm. From my experience, 99% of other attor- neys are ignoring this market.” Contact: Mark Hull Company: The Hull Firm Address: 905 Nueces Street, Austin, Texas, 78701, United States Telephone: 512 599 9999 Web Address: