Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 91 , 14 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2019 Protecting the Future of Digital Commerce In a world of online transactions, it can be easy for businesses to think that everything is safe. It is not. Combining the powers of artificial intelligence and collaboration, is helping financial service companies, online merchants, and travel agencies eliminate the threat of transaction and account fraud in their digital channels. Discover the success behind 2019’s most innovative, AI-driven fraud prevention company as we profile the firm. With the cost of cybercrime set to soar to upwards of $8 trillion according to Juniper Networks, online transactions have become more dangerous than ever. Digital commerce has rapidly be- come one of the fastest growing sectors across the world despite this, with new payment platforms, international markets and com- plex systems posing massive risks for global enterprises. are leading the global charge against those risks. For organisations that are growing fast, large or particularly complex, data architecture, fraud preven- tion strategy and fraud detection algorithms can be challenging.’s platform delivers un- precedented business intelligence and embedded control through a comprehensive suite of risk man- agement and analysis solutions. The mission of is to make every single digital trans- action safe, helping companies reduce risks and prevent fraud by unifying consumer digital identity data and behavioural metrics across the customer lifecycle. The company’s unified algo- rithmic architecture combines collective intelligence, cognitive computing and dynamic machine learning, and rules-based deci- sion engines to detect fraud in real-time, at scale. Operating across a diverse set of nearly 175 companies in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, support a wide variety of industries such as retail bank- ing, telecommunications, travel and hospitality, insurance, gov- ernment, and gaming. In the last few years alone, over three billion identities have been breached in more than three thousand verified incidents. Three hundred million pieces of new malware were launched, so companies need to stay ahead of the game in terms of cybercrime and fraud. Boasting an award-winning arti- ficial intelligence-powered suite of enterprise tools, can help any client combat the toughest types of fraud to enable breakthrough business growth. Whilst the firm predominantly work alongside companies with more than $1 billion revenue, they also support many chal- lenger banks and high growth e-commerce companies. Fraud, malware and cybercrime are constantly evolving, and it is likely that what works now will not work in a years’ time. Due to this, are continuously analysing and experimenting with their own software and digital platforms to halt emerging forms of fraud so that clients don’t have to. Clients can consistently have their operations supercharged with real-time, data-enriched visual analytics without having to worry about updating their fraud software because do it for them. What has made a suc- cess is not simply the remarkable innovation of their digital platform, but also the vital necessity of it. As businesses are encouraged more and more to incorporate technology, so they must also be aware of the dangers that e-commerce brings with it. This company are at the forefront of ensuring that every business has the protection it deserves. Company: Inc. Contact: Whitney Anderson Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone: +1 866 971 2030 Website: Aug19012