Corporate Excellence 2019

92 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , 10 Issue 9 2019 Aug19038 Bringing innovative and transformative concepts to products in the areas of IOT andM2M, GND Solutions are working to better industrial sectors, smart cities & smart energy sectors. Founded in 2015, discover this firm’s meteoric rise to success as one of India’s best emerging IoT solutions providers for 2019. IT Innovation Offering end-to-end solutions from ana- lytics to visualisation, Indian firm GND bring rapid time-to- market capabilities, giving clients a competitive advantage in the global market. The company is proficient in transforming con- cepts into fully-realised solutions, ranging from miniature projects, to complex system designs. With proven design practices, the company can ensure superior quality and prompt deliver, first and every time. GND is equipped to deploy a wide range of solu- tions across LoRa, sigfox, LTE Cat1, NB- IoT, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and other technologies. Those who benefit from the com- pany’s solutions also vary, with industries including agriculture, industrial, transportation, logistics, food storage, and smart cities. The company itself has provided more than forty thousand sen- sors across the world to benefit those industries, gathering data and analysing it to great effect. Products that have been de- ployed include temperature and humidity sensors, soil moisture sensors, door sensors, asset trackers, cold chain management devices, and real-time IoT dash- boards. GND have served clients worldwide with these products, from North America and Austral- ia, to the United Arab Emirates and all across India. Each of the GND’s product offerings include a wealth of ca- pabilities and high-specification details. For example, the door sensor, boasts instantaneous alerts at all times. It sends imme- diate notifications upon detecting opening and closing movements. Open and close durations and threshold limits are remotely configurable, and also allow for multiple user configurations like single alert detection and number of event triggers. The door sen- sor incorporates inbuilt tempera- ture and humidity sensors. LoRa Temperature and Humidity sensors cater to two of the most basic and necessary information elements in smart factories, buildings and data centres. The devices real-time temperature information can be used to con- sult on energy consumption for optimising heating and cooling temperatures. Sensors give the property owner the capability to supervise humidity levels, to afford factory, building and data centre damages. With more than two years’ battery life, advanced hardware, connectivity, web portal and back-end system, this device integrates seamlessly with any management system. Aside from the products that GND offer, their portfolio of de- sign and development services are also full of excellence. Firm- ware designs, mechanical de- signs, desktop applications and tools, mobile apps and custom ROMs, front-end framework and dashboards, testing and certifica- tions, and cloud-based work. Work regarding mobile apps is not selective of only one platform, catering to all major app stores. Designing and develop- ing for iOS, Android, Windows mobiles, and various hybrids, applications can be designed and developed according to any client specification. In much the same way, desktop applications and tools can also be customised depending on the system they are needed for. GND is proficient in any programming languages, Operating Systems, Platforms, Networking technology, Applica- tion development Mechanical design services can include industrial designs, sketching concepts, rapidly developed prototypes, engi- neering drawings, hard and soft mouldings, and the assembling of flow documentation. GND’s testing and certificate skills range from expertise in global product compliance, automated modular testing, independent reviews, integration testing, system level testing, and generating docu- mentation and reports. In the few years since the firm’s inception, GND has quickly es- tablished itself a global player in the industry of delivering proven IoT and M2M solutions. With twelve completed projects, nine happy clients, twenty-three prov- en solutions, and already five awards to their name, this firm are wasting no time in delivering for key industries the world over. The strong research and devel- opment team are well-equipped to quickly execute high-quality work, generating functioning products from concepts in a mat- ter of months. With a team that has rich experience in technolo- gies, GND has a proven record with successful, on-time product delivery. Clients cannot speak highly enough of the firm, with CEOs and Fortune 100 companies from Silicon Valley to Singapore all praising the work of GND. The Company has been recognized as 2019 Best IoT Partner by Un- limit (Reliance Company), 2019 Best Emerging IoT Solutions Provider in India and CES Best Innovation Award 2017. Ultimately, the reason behind GND’s swift and meteoric rise to success is their unequalled ability to deliver on client requests in as quick a manner as possible without compromising on quality. Servicing clients across the globe in a wide variety of industries, markets and sectors, this well-es- tablished company will continue to grow from strength to strength. Company: GND Solutions India Pvt Ltd Contact: Siva Reddy Website: