Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 97 , 16 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2019 Jul19024 Creating Systems of Intelligence WorkDone provides organizations with a platform to retain corporate memory and seamlessly automate their business processes between established SaaS platforms, with no user training or programming required. Following their recent success in our 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards where they were recognized as theMost Innovative Process Automation Platform toWatch in 2019, a spokesperson forWorkDone provided us with a detailed glimpse into the inner workings of the award-winning firmand the exceptional services the team consistently provides to their clients. Helping to Solve the Global Lost Knowl- edge Conundrum The global economic impact of lost institu- tional knowledge due to employee turnover and retirement is enor- mous. Putting it into perspective, there are 10,000 American baby boomers turning 65 every day, with roughly 76m set to retire (part of the 1.6bn people worldwide aged 46-65). The effort and cost required in retaining this amount and level of knowledge, training and expertise is tremendous. Through our next-generation pat- ent-pending Expertise Capture™ technology, WorkDone will play a critical role in helping organ- izations worldwide dodge this costly bullet, as well as alleviate infrastructure impact. Preserving Corporate Memory through Expertise Capture WorkDone is setting the standard in the emerging field of Work Heu- ristics™ – defined as the capture of customer-specific operational best practices for retention, analy- sis, and repurposing with the goal of retaining institutional knowledge and seamless process automa- tion. Once these Work Heuristics are acquired, they can be used to train new workers, document pro- cesses or automate tasks through WorkDone Agents. Additionally, these WorkDone Agents can be linked together to create systems of intelligence which contain the hybrid human/machine contextual knowledge necessary to complete end-to-end transactions across diverse SaaS platforms, such as SAP, Sage Intacct, Salesforce, and NetSuite, etc. Providing a User-Friendly, Cost-Effective On-Ramp to AI Today, companies face a chal- lenge in implementing machine learning technologies because of the scarcity of trained resources. WorkDone provides hands-free digital transformation for compa- nies of all sizes to launch AI and machine learning capabilities within their organizations without any required client-side training, programming or hard-to-find technical resources. Available on a subscription-based plan, the WorkDone platform is a cloud-na- tive solution that can scale across different SaaS infrastructures. WorkDone’s technology is designed to be extremely user-friendly to the point where manual intervention becomes invisible and unnecessary. Cus- tomers need only to install our monitor on their desktop, while our Expertise Capture software runs transparently in the back- ground, learning and retaining the best practices used in their back-office operations to optimize their process automation. AI with a Conscience WorkDone is proactively address- ing the ethical and socio-eco- nomic considerations around the issues of job automation and displaced labor. Historically in the United States, companies have avoided ad- dressing the negative side-effects of their products (think environ- mental pollution and social media manipulation) until it was too late. In the case of AI, it is imperative that any unintended detrimental consequences be anticipated and mitigated or avoided completely. The AI industry must mature into benevolent stewards for the var- ious societal sectors it impacts, and WorkDone is not only em- bracing this challenge but actively stepping up to do its part. Supporting Entrepreneurship through Corporate Social Re- sponsibility WorkDone takes corporate social responsibility seriously by supporting the transition and reinvention of workers displaced by automation. For this reason, we created WorkDone as a Public Benefit Corporation whose bylaws commit a percentage of profit to assist automation-dis- placed workers through funding of a non-profit called the Work Forward Foundation. Funded by the tech industry, anyone who is concerned about the impact of AI on the labor force and is seeking support in transi- tioning to their next area of vitality is welcome to join. By providing a soft landing and a compassionate community, individuals who may never have seriously considered entrepreneurship are encouraged to make the leap. Work Forward will play an important role in giv- ing people the tools, funding and knowledge to pursue their true passion as opposed to “reskilling” for another “9 to 5”. The Future for WorkDone We plan to broaden our industry offerings by expanding our plat- form connectivity from ERP into the CRM, HCM, Social, Marketing Automation, Office Automation, Media Rights, and Collaboration markets. In the future, we plan to offer white-label platforms for ver- tical markets such as the financial services, real estate, hospitality, accounting, retail, telecomms and recruiting industries. Joe Rogers, Founder and CEO of WorkDone Joe Rogers, founder and CEO of WorkDone, is a highly sought-af- ter global consultant with over 20 years specializing in the enter- prise content management and business process management space, assisting large multination- al companies in reducing operat- ing costs, streamlining business processes, and driving digitization in the workplace. 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