Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

Jul20610 The company has been lending this help across the globe, from Asia-Pacific countries to Europe. While other companies were being forced into lockdown, and their economic situations either froze or plummeted, Lauretta made an uneasy decision to take the calculated risk to forge ahead. She credits it to her inborn trait to “strive in the storm”. She said: “The significance in bringing humanitarian relief to mankind is one of the noblest acts. I am indeed very honoured to be part of this humanitarian effort, uniting a group of like-minded collaborators, since I am so fortunate to have such connections and resources.” As the founder, Lauretta said that she has had to lead and navigate with limited resources, making sure that she assembles the right team around her. She has had to set the big-picture direction, communicate intent, and ultimately, determine the success of a newly established company trying to thrive in this uncertain year. Of course, as with any successful company, the greatest asset that Lauretta has at her disposal is her team’s commitment and talent. Lauretta mentioned that the remote style of work collaboration is not new to 360 Group Business, and her business model has always been built on such cooperation model even before the global COVID-19 pandemic invasion. She strongly believed that companies who step up their game will be better off and far more ready to confront the challenges as well as opportunities than those who do not. 360 HealthTech is an advocator of remote work collaboration. With a company ethos rooted in ownership and self-leadership coupled with more autonomy, 360 HealthTech is living up to the idea that it is not where you work from, or how long you work for, it is the significance of the work that you do that is important. Company: 360 HealthTech Pte. Ltd. Contact: Jennifer Lauretta Website: Technology Standing Against COVID-19 The one advantage that humanity has had over COVID-19 that we have never had a pandemic of this scale before is our technology. As tough as lockdown and quarantining is, at least we’ve had our tech to provide solutions to keep us safe and connected. Of course, technology doesn’t magically appear in our homes and offices, it’s down to companies like 360 HealthTech who have stepped up and fought against the virus with innovative, modern solutions. The Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Jennifer Lauretta, of 360 Degree Digital would never have guessed that her spinoff company, 360 HealthTech, would end up combating a global pandemic. 360 HealthTech is a holistic digital solutions distributer that sells Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) and customized designed solutions for B2B & B2C clients. Initially, 360 HealthTech setup was anchored with an intent to help seniors with innovative healthcare technologies using Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) solutions. However, the company was perfectly placed to kick things into overdrive at the start of 2020 when epidemic struck the world with surprise and was temporarily positioned to the outfit of customers and businesses with the products they needed to keep the community safe. Jennifer Lauretta is a serial tech entrepreneur. She founded both 360 HealthTech and 360 Smart Home under the umbrella of 360 Degree Digital Group Business. While 360 HealthTech has grown to face down challenges presented by coronavirus, 360 Smart Home will be readily accessible in Year 2021 to help the nation, Singapore, build the idealistic smart home of the people to fit into the modern, AI-driven world, and work towards the concept of a ‘smart city’ in future. When the virus began to spread, 360 HealthTech found itself in the perfect position to become the immediate contact point, a platform, for global aid to deploy anti-COVID-19 pandemic solutions. They work with ready-product-solutions for immediate deployment that can be bought off the shelves, using artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. It is a daunting prospect, even with all the resources and connections the company is trying to install solutions that will help reduce and suppress the spreading COVID-19 wildfire. Lauretta claimed that what the world needs are ready solutions that are effective and can ease problems quickly – unfortunately, a lot of time is being squandered around the world by institutions, companies and individuals who have to test solutions that aren’t guaranteed to work. 360 HealthTech have been working with their partners and clients to borrow inventions from developed countries that have already delivered results, and use them to reduce the spread elsewhere. Some of the product solutions have also been iterated to fit into governance compliance and contextualised scenarios. These inventions and solutions include: thermal temperature scanners, UV and dry mist disinfectant robots, driverless car, service robots, dispatch delivery robots, food distribution robots, and contact tracing tags and wristbands. Corporate Excellence Awards 105