Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

Jan20490 Banking Success Founded in 1981, UnionBank is one of the leading financial institutions in the Philippines, offering a range of services including both personal banking and corporate banking. Recently, we caught up with their Communications & Events Manager Bianca Dinglasan- Gelido to find out more about the company and their plans for 2020 and beyond. UnionBank have always tried to embrace technology as they look to maintain their status as a leader in digital banking across the region. With this, the firm are righteously recognised as one of Asia’s leading companies, ranking among the country’s top universal banks in terms of profitability and efficiency. Offering a broad range of services, which include deposit and related services, corporate and middle-market lending, and electronic banking, UnionBank has long been known, not for its size and branch network but, as a thought leader in the industry who has introduced pioneering innovations in the market. The clients at UnionBank, especially those in the cash management business, recognise the firm for the customised products and services they have delivered, born out of their deep understanding of their specific pain points. As a company, the firm aim to elevate lives and fulfil dreams in the community through their core values, do more, do better and do greater. As for the culture in place at UnionBank, their digital transformation strategy has reinforced our commitment to deliver superior customer experiences and promote inclusive prosperity in the country. For several years, the Bank was renowned “Best Digital Bank” by prestigious institutions, and recognised in areas of transformation, people, and culture. With a drive to be an enabler of the Philippines’ push to be a G20 country by 2050, UnionBank stands firm in its promise to power the future of banking by co-creating innovations for its customers and for a better world. In the heat of its digital transformation journey that commenced in 2016, UnionBank has been relentless in its delivery of a suite of digital services to keep pace with the rapidly changing world. With 90% of their capital expense going to digital transformation, UnionBank has shown total commitment in its transformation initiatives to leapfrog ahead of its competitors and achieve its vision of becoming one of the top 3 universal banks in the Philippines by 2020. After yielding phenomenal results from its digital products from EON (the first selfie banking in Asia), The ARK (the first fully digital, paperless bank branch in the country), Chatbot Rafa (the country’s first banking chatbot) and UnionBank Online (its application which allows clients to bank from the comforts of their home or office), the bank has opened other fronts in its digital journey. To date, close to 80% of all UnionBank interactions with customers are now routed through digital channels. The Bank continues to trailblaze digital banking in the Philippines with artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, using blockchain to reach rural lenders to develop a blockchain-based interbank switch. Although they have achieved great strides throughout the years, UnionBank have had to overcome several challenges in order to stay ahead of the competition. With the Philippines being part of the emerging Asia basket, they are unfortunately exposed to the global dynamics (e.g. monetary policy changes from developed countries and trade war issues, etc.). Due to current political ramblings in the Philippines, the firm have seen significant budget underspending, and as a result the growth of the Philippines market has derailed slightly. Digital disruption and competition from Fintech organisations has also proved to be a significant obstacle to overcome, however through the commitment of the employees and the firm’s superior technology, the company has managed to stay ahead of the curve. Going forward, the bank’s future projects are in line with our digital transformation strategy. Firstly, their main aim is to develop UnionBank into a fully agile and digitally transformed organisation. Hence, the team shall continue to launch products and services that will enable the bank to increase efficiencies at the back end, while improving productivity and customer experience of its customer channels. Some of these include applying further enhancements in the UnionBank Online app, launching more transformed branches, introducing self-service branches, and automating more back-end and front-end processes. In addition to this, the firm will also be looking to develop their subsidiary CitySavings into a digitally transformed mass market bank. With this, the bank will aim to not only diversify into other mass market segments, such as motorcycle loans and SME loans, but also digitise processes with the help of technology and applying a shared services model across its other mass market subsidiaries of the bank. Lastly, as the bank heads towards a future of embedded banking, it plans to work on retail-focused marketplaces and continue its experimentations in the areas of asset tokenisation and fintech investments. Contact Name: Bianca Gelido Contact Email: [email protected] Address: UnionBank Plaza Bldg., Meralco Ave. Corner Onyx St., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines Web Address: Jan20202 Restoring the Past For Future Use As time goes on, the effects of it passing become ever more apparent. Buildings can begin to lose their charm, their architectural appeal, and their structural integrity. No building is exempt from the damage that time can do, but there are those who can offer protection. Real Restoration Group, operating all over the Chicagoland area, has been recognized with the title of Leading Experts in Construction & Restoration Services 2020 – USA, courtesy of Corporate Vision. Discover more about this firm’s work as we take a closer look. A professional construction and restoration firm, Real Restoration understands that no building can escape the passage of time and the damage it can bring with it. For some however, there are more risks than simply time. Fire, water, mould, and wind damage can all cause problems within any property type, so having a restoration firm on hand to help is imperative, particularly in and around The Windy City itself. Real Restoration has been responsible for building new homes, restoring old homes, and remodelling homes all over the metropolitan area of Chicago, Illinois. Alongside the residential work, it also serves to take care of those properties whose purpose lies elsewhere, such as offices, restaurants, retail centers, nightclubs, industrial parks, and countless other property types. Regardless of the property, the firm works professionally to manage client plans for commercial and residential spaces within budget, on time, and with extraordinary quality. Proven as a professional construction and restoration services company dedicated to surpassing client expectations, Real Restorations has gone from success to success in recent years. What started as a small family office is now a powerhouse of the industry, embracing growth and opportunity without losing that family feel. Founded by Morris Gershengorin, the firm has benefitted hugely from his personal leadership, fostering and maintaining the core values of the company by living them out every day. Now, the firm is recognized across the industry for its ability to take on projects of any size whilst giving a client personal attention. Recently, the firm was responsible for finishing a sixty-unit project on Chicago’s North Side; one that completely transformed a dilapidated building carcass into a flourishing residential community with a huge emphasis on community living through incredible amenities and co- living spaces. Using and repurposing many building materials from the existing structure, Real Restoration demonstrated its skill and expertise in creating spaces that allows current residents a chance to enjoy elements of the past. Crucially, when restoring a home or a workspace, Real Restoration take the time to learn exactly what it is the client wants to achieve. The clients’ best interests are always at the forefront of every decision we make, whether on a design drawing, or striking a nail head into a wall. Value is created through constant communication and transparency. Preconstruction work is held just as valuably as daily duties once a project starts. The team help clients set a strategy, and then provide them with options and alternatives to help get the job efficiently and cost-effectively. There is something special about rebuilding or restoring a home or workspace. Giving a client back a place they can call their own. This impeccable level of care and dedication sums up what Real Restoration is all about; bringing together a talented group of men and women who are well-trained, hardworking, and filled with pride to see homes and workspaces restored to their former glory. Real Restoration’s family-oriented workplace facilitates an open door policy, ensuring that employees feel comfortable, and can therefore deliver the best service when working on a project. Mr Gershengorin has established not only a state-of-the-art facility that encourages togetherness and refuelling, but also exceptional work practices that ensure every client can get back to doing what they do best. Despite the drastic decline in skilled labor as the older generations cycle out of work life, Real Restoration is partnering and working with different organizations to allow people from all walks of life to train in certain trades. Should they prove to be interested and skilled, the firm then endeavours to place them within the company, with subcontractors, and other vendors. Educating young people in skilled labor is just one way in which the firm is seeking to develop new skills in people everywhere. Highly sought after for its work in commercial and residential restoration and construction, Real Restoration is doing far more than rebuilding and repurposing some ancient and decrepit structures. Instead, this is a business that gives people their independence back, their lives back, and their freedom back. Expertly fusing the past with the present, Real Restoration gives people a future to look forward to. Company: Real Restoration Group Contact: Marina Gershengorin Website: Corporate Excellence Awards 145