Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

, Jan20099 The Enemy Within In the digital age, there is a kind of spy that many businesses simply don’t account for. The threat from the inside -often called, suitably, the “Insider Threat”- is one which canmake or break a company, sometimes done withmalicious intent, sometimes entirely unwittingly. Protection against this danger is complicated, but the teamat Jazz Networks excel in solving this particular challenge. Following the company’s recognition as Corporate Vision’s ‘Leading Innovator in Threat Detection & Response’, we decided to get an inside perspective on just what they do. Cybersecurity is an increasingly talked about topic as technology (and computer-based skills) becomes more accessible. After all, hacking into systems can be done with commercially available technology and a bit of imagination. While many security systems focus on threats from the outside, the potential for threats from within must still be guarded against and cannot be underestimated. Jazz Networks is a leading provider of this sort of protection, utilizing a highly advanced detection and response platform to notify and react against threats. Using the latest in advanced machine learning techniques and customizable policy packs, Jazz enables an unparalleled level of visibility, control and automation against internal breaches of security. The heart of any organisation is, of course, its people; both those who work for the organization, and the customers that organization serves. As such, a human-centric approach is essential, and that is the approach that Jazz has taken. From the ground up, the system is designed specifically to see, understand, and act in real- time against cyberthreats to protect what its customers value most, namely its people, data and reputation. Jazz not only removes the blind spots that traditional network and system- centric solutions miss but offers immediate end-to-end protection of a cyber-attack. With this in mind, it is not surprising that Jazz has achieved considerable success, with its systems providing exceptional protection for companies of all sizes. Indeed, despite being founded in 2016, Jazz beat out several well-know and well-established cybersecurity vendors and consultancy firms to win the U.S Cyber Command Competition. This speaks as testament to the company’s dedication to excellence and collective expertise. Saying that, the way in which Jazz distinguishes itself is through its commitment to acknowledging the aforementioned ‘Insider Threat’ – which few of its peers consider or treat with the urgency it deserves. While it is easy to raise barriers in a manner akin to a siege mentality, it’s important to acknowledge that 34% of data breaches in the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report had insider involvement. This means that while these systems are very effective at halting external attacks, their limited ability to detect or respond to internal breaches places the entire system at risk. Another reason behind the traction of the Jazz product is how rapidly the solution can provide real value. Whereas other solutions can take six to nine months to begin providing any real value to a client, Jazz makes a significant difference from the outset. Similarly, the way in which Jazz can be implemented is able to address many customers’ pain points. Instead of companies having to invest in several different technological solutions, Jazz can consolidate them into one single platform, which not only saves money but reduces the complexity of the programmes used. As all business are at risk of an insider threat, Jazz is an extremely valuable system. Because it was an early innovator in the Insider Threat Detection and Response Market, the company faced challenges of both raising a brand and also raising awareness of what its services offered and protected against. While many companies were aware of the challenge that insider threats could present, few understood how best to handle it. Many simply hoped that existing tools would be able to handle the risks presented – a fair assumption. As awareness into the problem has grown, and insider threats become more commonplace in turn, organisations have turned their resources to working on ways in which they can build their own threat protections programmes. With increasing demand, Jazz has responded by developing its platform’s capacity considerably to address more use cases. As such, it can now be applied to any industry, or sector with further improvements and refinements happening regularly. With experience in a wide range of use cases to draw upon, the team at Jazz are able to listen to customers’ needs and demands to consider systems already in place and create the right solution. A free Insider Threat Risk Assessment provides a detailed analyst report that highlights the potential risks that a business is facing as well as the state of its cyber-hygiene. This assessments takes less than an hour to complete. Much like its attitude towards protection, the culture at Jazz is very much one that revolves around people. The team is strongly encouraged to take pride in everything that they develop together, never settling for a mediocre solution. This united approach means that no one person can claim ownership of a project and generates a passion for making the best product possible. Jazz has offices in Oslo, London, and New York, with more than 120 employees between them. Drawing together a variety of people, with an exceptional mix of backgrounds, cultures and experiences, is something that Jazz values highly. It means that everyone on the team is able to provide different approaches to solve problems creatively. Now that Jazz has managed to develop its mature and feature-rich detection and response platform, the next step is to take it to the next level. Leading analysts are currently predicting that businesses will be looking to implement insider threat programmes in the next year, with Jazz ideally positioned to take advantage of this growth market. Despite being a relative newcomer, Jazz has ambitious plans to become the first choice for Insider Threat Detection and Response solutions with the idea to become the de facto leader in the market. Jazz has found the perfect position at the forefront of an industry that is set to expand rapidly over the next couple of years. A disruptor in a landscape comprised of experienced industry giants, Jazz brings an agile creativity and technical capability that lifts it heads and shoulders above the rest. For this reason and many others, Jazz Networks was recognised as one of the leading innovators in the incredibly competitive sphere of cyber security. Company: Jazz Networks Contact: Phil Beesley Website: Corporate Excellence Awards 153