Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

, Jan20033 Tools for Managing Change at Work In any leadership role, it is imperative to ensure that a team is united in its pursuit of a common goal. Effectivelymanaging a workforce that is increasingly digital, remote, and widespread can be challenging for business leaders of today. Enter the Change Shop™ - 2020’s Most PromisingWorkforceManagement & Analytics Platform. We spoke with visionary founder and CEO Robert E. Smith, Ph.D. to learnmore about this exciting newfirmand how it will become the standard for tracking organizational transformations. As workforces have become increasingly diverse and far- flung, the need for a workplace change management platform has increased. In 2018, Smith and his team launched the Change Shop™, an integrated platform of six change measurement and management tools that transform the way leaders support their teams. The award-winning, mobile-enabled platform includes assessments, benchmarks, and change tracking tools that have all been designed to capture critical team member feedback about planned or ongoing workplace changes. It is a platform that the corporate world has been needing, enabling leaders to effectively manage workplace change from anywhere in the world using people insights. Corporate Vision was fortunate enough to speak with Dr Smith recently, to understand exactly how the Change Shop™ will be such a revolutionary tool for so many businesses in operation today. As part of the interview, Dr Smith took the time to explain why he thinks it is a winning strategy. CV: Thank you for speaking with us, Dr Smith. Firstly, why create a platform with a focus on using technology to do something that most typically think of as a “people” activity? RS: As the workforce becomes more digital and remote, the tools leaders use to support their teams must also change. In the past, a simple face-to-face team meeting may have been adequate, but in an era where an increasing number of people in the workforce are remote or located in different geographies, it becomes more of a challenge. Not only to figure out ways to get people moving in the same direction, but also figuring out what will keep them motivated during transition periods. As I thought about what next- gen change management would look like, I knew it would have to be versatile, easy-to-use, and provide people-based analytics in a way that would allow a leader to track and manage change end-to-end. There is already a cadre of leaders responsible for ensuring change and transformative initiatives are successful, but if I could develop easy-to-use tools to help them along the way, then all the better. That is exactly what the Change Shop™ does; helps these smart, ambitious, and thoughtful change leaders understand the importance of getting things done. CV: The Change Shop™, which you have said is going to be a template in the emerging Change Tech industry, doesn’t look like a typical change management platform? Why? RS: Our approach brings together three core elements, including ease-of-use, a proven framework and methodology (the 2IsC™ framework), and organizational change benchmarking. No other change platform does all three, and we think that brings tremendous value to our client base. CV:You are currently funding the Change Shop™ out of your own pocket. Where is the future cash flow coming from? RS: We are really big on organic growth. We believe this platform to be very viable, particularly as the HR, talent, change management markets and the non-profit sector have begun to respond positively. Our client base has tripled over 2019, and roughly half of new subscribers are non-US clients. With constant and ongoing enhancements and client-led innovations, I believe the platform will be self- sustaining by the end of 2020, which is incredibly exciting! CV:What has been one of the more surprising reactions you have received whilst telling people about the Change Shop™? RS: One of the most surprising, and best, reactions came when I was providing a demo to a client whose organization was leveraging materials from one of our competitors. He was surprised by how easy our tools were to use, and how accessible our change methodology is. The concept of effective change management shouldn’t be hard or complex, but the work of leading change certainly can be, and often is. This particular client is now very happy with our service, and it is rewarding to receive that reaction as a validation of the work we have put into building this set of tools. Ultimately, Dr Smith’s vision and desire to see leaders effectively manage teams has manifested itself into one of the most innovative platforms in the world today. As leaders require new technology to help navigate change for workforces spread across the globe, there is little reason to utilise any other tools than those offered by the Change Shop™ to manage workplace change. Contact: Robert Smith Website: Issue 2 2020 21 Jan20002 Data Defenders As the world moves towards even greater levels of digitalisation, it is no longer enough for companies to simply upgrade their services and systems to match the growing needs of clients everywhere. For even as companies grow more digital, so too do those whose intentions are more malicious. Helping companies secure and protect their network data is California’s Most Outstanding Cloud Security Startup to Watch in 2020, Nubeva Technologies. In order to learn more about the vital work the firm does in protecting data, we profiled it. Nubeva helps enterprise organizations maximize their cloud presence and accelerate their cloud transformation journey by providing IT teams with a solution needed to fully embrace modern encryption protocols. As if this weren’t enough, the solutions also enable clients to maintain visibility into the data packets in their public and private cloud environments for monitoring and threat hunting. Most data travelling on networks and in the cloud today is encrypted, but IT organizations have decrypted encryption packets in their data centers for years. However, following new protocols and the adoption of cloud computing, it has become increasingly complex and costly to decrypt incoming traffic that is encrypted. The result is many organizations now choosing to fly blindly into potential security issues without the means to see and protect network traffic from anomalies, threats, or anything else of a malicious nature. This is where Nubeva comes in. The firm’s solutions solve the dilemma of decrypting traffic in both public and private cloud environments. Technically brilliant, the team at Nubeva created the industry’s first, patent- pending, cloud-native universal TLS decryption solution for real-time, historical, or on-demand decryption needs. Nubeva TLS Decrypt, the firm’s solution, is an out-of-band solution that performs decryption at scale whilst supporting new TLS 1.2 and 1.3 security protocols, legacy protocols, and ciphers. The Symmetric Key Intercept Architecture enables users to decrypt and inspect the details of each packet coming in and out of critical workloads, or from storage without bottlenecks, and without placing data at risk by sending decrypted packets over the wire. Put simply, Nubeva restores visibility, and enables end-to-end security. Serving a wide range of clients, the firm caters primarily to large and medium businesses who have migrated resources from traditional data centers to public and private cloud environments. Many Nubeva clients including those in the healthcare and financial industries also face compliance and regulatory security demands. Whilst there are a variety of advantages for IT teams to move apps and resources to the cloud, including cost-effectiveness and scalability, the one key disadvantage is that cloud users have to be responsible for their own data security. With the help of Nubeva, security teams can now more easily determine how to ensure their resources in the cloud remain secure and protected from threats, malware, hacking attempts, and other bad actors. The advantages of Nubeva’s platform are clear. Firstly, there is no man-in-the-middle setup, which reduces cost and improves performance. Secondly, decryption happens at the tools security analyst already use, know and trust – enabling those tools to see clear text of the selected packets. This means compliance is easier and network architectures remain flexible. By using session keys for each packet, Nubeva TLS Decrypt preserves original end-to-end encryption within the user’s environment. Security in the public cloud should be available everywhere, and for everyone. That is what Nubeva offers, ensuring that every company can experience the benefits of moving resources to public clouds without sacrifice to encryption and visibility. Cloud technology is cost-effective and collaborative, leading to more efficient and cost-effective operations. Having visibility to this network traffic is vital for every company, and Nubeva makes it possible. IT and security teams can now have access, visibility, and control over their data whenever and wherever they need it. Many IT organizations hesitate to fully leverage the benefits of the cloud because of concerns around security and visibility. Nubeva and the Nubeva TLS Decrypt solution restores visibility of data will maximizing modern encryption protocols. By working with Nubeva and taking full advantage of the TLS decryption solution it has created, organizations can maximize their cloud presence as the world continues its digital shift. Through sustained innovation and exceptional solutions from Nubeva, the benefits of public and private cloud will continue to be realized by organizations around the globe. Company: Nubeva Technologies Inc. Contact: Chuck Grothaus Website: Corporate Excellence Awards 155