Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

Jun20385 VMGroup has gained a reputation for delivering service excellence across the board, and can now enjoy the fruits of its labour by being retained by likeminded professional organisations that respect the commitment to expertise in quality digital evidence that VMGroup has. Digital forensics may be a relatively new area of business, but it is one that the firm approaches with excitement, diligence, and enthusiasm every single day to achieve the best results possible for the clients. Over the years since its inception, VMGroup has proven that its forensic, eDiscovery, and related services are capable of securing its position in the market place as a brand leader, and this has been the foundation of the firm’s growth and success in the last seven years. The success that VMGroup has achieved is also a fitting testament to the hard work and tremendous dedication of a committed team at the firm. Central to that team is the outstanding Dr Vivienne Mee, who alone brings more than fifteen years of experience in the field of digital forensics. Offering an enormous breadth of skill and expertise to the team, Dr Mee brings no small amount of understanding regarding her role within the company. Alongside her, Dr Mee has a team that is made up of highly skilled individuals who are all very proficient in the world of investigations and support functions that VMGroup has to offer its various clients. A key part of the VMGroup brand is VMForensics, and that has been overseen by Dr Mee herself. Prior to founding VMForensics, Dr Mee has had a career where she has worked in large electronic discovery cases both in Ireland and across Europe as part of various forensic teams. As well as this experience working in digital forensics, Dr Mee has also carried out PhD studies, where she was a member of the Information Security Research Group at the University of Glamorgan. There, she spent a number of years working at their Forensic Laboratory, investigating cybercrimes and latest trends which fed into extensive research with the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), Ministry of Defence, Defence Science & Technology Labs, and MI5. Dr Mee’s knowledge and the expertise on show at VMGroup and VMForensics is evidence enough that the firm is truly exceptional. Armed to the teeth with outstanding knowledge and insight, the firm is capable of carrying out the best, most diligent, and most dedicated digital forensic work possible thanks to the expertise and experience of the found, Dr Mee. As the future is set to surely place an even greater emphasis on the need for digitalisation and data, this line of work may yet become one of the most valuable. Company: VMGroup Contact: Vivienne Mee Website: Diligence in Digital Forensics As the world becomes more technologically advanced than ever before, and the value of data is skyrocketing around the world, the work of digital forensics is almost more important than ever before. In Ireland, there is a recognised leader that is taking the work of digital forensics to new heights all the time. Find out why VMGroup has been awarded the title of Recognised Leader in Digital Forensics 2020 – Ireland by Corporate Vision Magazine. Since starting operations in 2014, VMGroup has grown to become a global firm that provides extensive knowledge and expertise in the ever-emerging and evolving area of digital forensics, as well as eDiscovery, data recovery, information security consulting, IT auditing, risk assurance, and all other related areas. Protecting yourself and your business online has become one of the most important steps that a business or individual needs to take, in order to protect both the person and the data that they use. Everybody needs protection, especially online, and that is where VMGroup comes into the picture. The firm provides services to clients from any and all sectors, industries, and sizes of client, whether they be international corporations, financial institutions, FTSE 100 clients, or local SMEs. For the last seven years, the team at VMGroup has consistently and constantly delivered outstanding results for every client, no matter the complexity or unique the requirement may be. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter: