Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

Winners’ Listings Winners’ Listings 2020 Corporate Excellence Awards 2020 Corporate Excellence Awards 2Bridge AG - Cornerlia Ritz Bossicard Most Instrumental Corporate Governance Advisor 2020 - Switzerland 360 Health Tech - Jennifer Lauretta Most Influential Leader in AIoT Technology 2020 - Singapore 3D Folkes Most Sustainable 3D Printing Services Provider 2020 - UK 3Sixty Best Specialist Travel-Sector Digital Marketing Agency 2020 - UK 42Gears Leading Innovators in Unified Endpoint Management 2020 - USA 500Tech Israel’s Leading Front-End Development Consultancy - 2020 8topuz Wealth Fintech Most Outstanding AI-Based Trading Software Provider 2020 - Bulgaria 99Home Ltd Best Online Letting & Property Management Agency 2020 - United Kingdom Abel Noser Solutions Leading Provider of Trade Services & Analytics 2020 - USA Abiquo - Ian Finlay Most Influential Leader in Cloud Management 2020 - UK Abodoo Best AI-Powered Remote Workforce Enablement Platform - 2020 Absolute Collagen UK’s Most Outstanding Beauty Consumer Brand - 2020 Academy of Executive Coaching Ltd Best Executive Coaching Provider of the Year 2020 - UK Accurex Biomedical Pvt. Ltd Most Outstanding Clinical Chemistry Reagent Manufacturer, 2020 - India ACESENCE - Yeo Chuen Chuen Most Outstanding Agile Leadership Development Coach 2020 - Singapore Acess Meditech Best Insurance Software Solutions Provider - 2020 Acoustic Best Emerging Marketing Technology Firm 2020 - Massachusetts AcumenADR LLC - Noah Hanft 2020’s Leading Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialist - New York Adaface Best AI-Powered Candidate Assessment Platform 2020 - Singapore Adams&Adams - Darren Olivier 2020’s Leading Trademark Litigation Specialist - South Africa ADAPT Centre Leading Experts in Media and Technology R&D 2020 - Ireland Adaptive Financial Consulting The UK’s Leading Real-Time Trading Technology Specialists - 2020 AdColony Mobile Advertising Platform of the Year 2020 - USA Addepar Leading Innovators in Wealth Management Technology 2020 - USA Adeaca Best in Project Business Automation, 2020 - Neil Glenister Most Innovative Leader in Education Technology 2020 - UK ADE Tax UK’s Best Boutique Corporate Tax Consultancy - 2020 Adoreboard 2020’s Leading Experts in CX Management & Analytics - UK Advanced Pavement Group The USA’s Leading Pavement Installation & Maintenance Contractor - 2020 AdviserPlus Leading HR Technology Solutions, 2020 - UK Aglaia Capital S.L.U. - Angela Alvarez Most Influential Leader in Corporate Finance 2020 - Spain Agri-TechE 2020’s Most Outstanding Sustainable Agriculture Network - UK Agrie Mach Ltd. Most Efficient Selective Catalytic Reduction System 2020: NOxMASTER SCR Alegre Media 2020’s Most Innovative PR and Media Agency - UK Algorithm Invest Best AI-Driven Investment Management Software Provider - 2020 All Aces Promotional Staffing, Inc. - Lauren Raimondi Most Influential Leader in Promotional Marketing 2020 - New York Allego Best Sales Training and Enablement Platform, 2020 All in One Marquee & Leisure Hire Best Full Service Marquee and Event Hire Firm, 2020 - Ireland AlphaSTAR Leading Innovators in Manufacturing Software & Engineering 2020 - USA Alpian Most Promising Banking & Finance Management Platform - 2020 Amerivet Securities, Inc Most Outstanding Boutique Investment Bank, 2020 - New York Amped Lead Generation - Rick Orozco Most Influential Leader in Real Estate Marketing 2020 - Texas Another Avenue Recognised Leaders in Video Production & Motion Graphics 2020 - Ireland ANOVA Corporate Services - Chandrashekar Kupperi Most Influential Leader in Corporate M&A Services 2020 - India Anvixa 2020’s Most Innovative SME Social Media Agency - USA Most Innovative In-Game Advertising Technology Specialists - 2020 APiS North America Leading Innovators in Functional Safety Software 2020 - USA Appnomic Systems Inc Most Innovative Autonomous IT Operations Platform 2020 - USA Approyo Inc. Most Outstanding SAP Technology Solutions Provider 2020 - USA Appstem - Robert Armstrong Most Innovative Leader in Mobile App Development 2020 - California AppsWise Most Outstanding Technology Startup for SMEs 2020 - India Aptum Technologies (UK) Limited 2020’s Leading Hybrid IT & Cloud Services Provider - Canada Aquasight LLC Best Specialist Utilities Intelligence Software Provider - 2020 Arco + Associates Best Small Full-Service Marketing Agency 2020 - Missouri Ardlinn - Aine Brolly Most Influential Leader in Executive Search 2020 - Northern Ireland Arete Advisors Best Security Monitoring & Incident Response Specialists 2020 - New York Argus Cyber Security Ltd Best Specialist Automotive Cybersecurity Firm - 2020 Arora Engineers Inc Best MEP Engineering & Design Consultancy 2020 - Pennsylvania A R T Communication + Brand Consultancy Communications and Brand Consultancy of the Year, 2020 - Germany Art Unlimited Best Small Business Marketing Agency 2020 - Minnesota Ascendant Group Best International Corporate Branding & Development Firm - 2020 Ask Askew 2020’s Best Childcare Business Management Consultancy - UK Aspire 2 Achieve Ltd Best for Youth Training and Development, 2020 - UK AstroReality Most Innovative AR-Based Education Technology Company - 2020 Atoll Most Outstanding Architecture & Design Consultant 2020 - UK A Tribe Called Woman - Karen Heras-Kelly Most Influential Leader in Female Development Coaching - 2020 Attila Security Inc 2020’s Most Promising Mobile Security Solutions Provider - USA Attivo Networks The USA’s Leading Innovators in Deception Technology - 2020 Authentic Influence Group, ITM LLC - Shelly O’Donovan Most Trusted Communications and Body Language Trainer, 2020 - Pennsylvania Autotestpro Most Promising Automated Software Testing Solution 2020 - UK Avy-Loren Cohen Business Consulting & Coaching Best for Business Consulting and Coaching Solutions, 2020 - Canada Axiom-e Limited Best Independent Business & Finance Management Consultancy - 2020