Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

Issue 4 2020 15 First Class Supply Chain Supply chain specialist, Titan Solutions, structures and delivers bespoke programmes that are tailored to clients’ specific needs. We speak to Director of Services, Julian Carroll, in the wake of the company being awarded the prestigious accolade of Ireland’s Most Innovative Supply Chain Technology Firm – 2020. Originally established as a single point of contact between shipping providers and businesses, Titan Solutions’ dedicated network of partners not only ensures that clients’ supply chain solutions are structured and organised, but it has also evolved to include programmes and technologies to unite the entire supply chain from start to finish. Julian tells us more. “We work with clients all around the world to provide simple solutions to complex supply chain issues and equip their businesses with the processes they need for future growth,” he begins. “With our deep industry knowledge and operations expertise we provide targeted outsourced programmes that pinpoint and correct supply chain weaknesses, thus releasing trapped business value through better margins, reduced capital and improved service performance. “At Titan Solutions, we serve a wide range of customers spanning hi-technology, medical devices, retail and industrial sectors with consulting and managed outsourced programs. We employ consultative engagement whereby we educate our customers in supply chain performance measurement, analysis and improvement relative to their industry peers, before identifying performance gaps for Titan improvement programs. In addition to this, we target all areas of supply chain that contribute to free cash flow and business value.” Julian describes the company’s ethos and what it strives to offer its clients to ensure customer satisfaction each and every time. “Our value proposition is that we leverage our deep industry and supply chain expertise, as well as innovative technology and partners to improve customers supply chains and deliver company-wide value. “Our mission is to elevate customer supply chain performance to the upper quartile of their industry peers, delivering tangible business value in the process for customers and Titan stakeholders. “Our key values are our honesty and professionalism along with our uncompromising focus on customer service.” Industry statistics continue to highlight the widening gap between those leading companies that excel at supply chain management and the laggards, those companies that are under performing their industry peers on a number of critical performance measures. Titan analysts are available without obligation to help decipher the numbers and plot a route to improved supply chain performance. Julian touches on just what sets the firm apart from competitors in the same industry space. “We employ cutting edge technology platforms to transform how customers operate their supply chains today. The way we connect these various technology platforms ensure complete end to end system connectivity from store front to last mile delivery, and returns and support manufacturing and distribution services, including e-commerce. “Our technology platforms include: Titan Design (Network Design and Optimisation); Titan Inventory (Inventory Optimisation); Titan Transport (connected multi-carrier TMS ecosystem); Titan Warehouse (scalable cloud- based WMS); and Titan Analytics (integrated BI analytical functionality). “Depending upon the particular requirements of our customer, these platforms may be employed separately or as an integrated solution set providing complete end to end supply chain visibility and control.” It’s not all about the technology, however, and Julian is quick to sing the praises of the dedicated and hard-working staff members who serve Titan Solutions. “We recognise and value the contribution of our staff and ensure they share in the continuing success of our business through competitive and flexible employment contracts, work life balance, and progressive reward systems. In addition we are mindful of issues that are important to our employees, their local communities and our customers and actively promote environmentally friendly supply chain practices at every opportunity. “Ours is a ‘can do’ culture employing professional well educated multidisciplinary teams that know and understand how to plan customer engagements and deliver change. We continue to draw seasoned professionals to us with the lure of our exciting customer programs, fantastic technology and career development and support programs. “Like everyone else we recognise the importance of recruitment to our continuing business success. As we continue to gain international brand recognition, we are seeing considerable interest in our company as reflected in the volumes of traffic to our web site and on LinkedIn. Also, we employ recruitment companies to assist on an ongoing basis.” With the current COVID-19 outbreak taking its toll on a number of business and professions, the pandemic illustrates the essential role of supply chain. During this time of great stress and uncertainty, innovators, such as Titan, facilitate the flow of essential medical, food and other essential supplies, despite the unprecedented logistical challenges posed by the virus and efforts to contain its spread. With regards to the future, Julian foresees challenges along the way, ultimately culminating in continued success. He concludes: “While there is great excitement about the technologies coming our way, there are still some time off from broad based industry application. Meanwhile, there are ample opportunities to help customers reduce costs, reduce inventory levels, scale foot prints to match their revenue profiles and of course address the continuing problem of too much inventory. Our technology platforms play a crucial role here with attractive paybacks and the means to take advantage of the digital supply chain into the future. Jan20521 “Our immediate focus right now is our continuing roll-out of integrated BI Analytics which is completely revolutionizing how we communicate supply chain and business performance to our customers. Our integrated analytics, coupled with end to end supply chain visibility and control tower support has propelled us to our top supply chain innovation ranking.” Contact Details Company: Titan Solutions Web Address: Corporate Excellence Awards 33