Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

, When Disaster Strikes When disaster strikes, picking up the pieces is no small challenge. Specializing in restoring your home when the worst happens is B.O.R. Restoration, able tomake sure that your property is swiftly returned to a safe, secure condition. Worthy winners of Corporate VisionMagazine’s award forMost Trusted Disaster Repair & Restoration Service 2020 – Colorado, we profile the company to find out more. B.O.R. Restoration makes no secrets of its belief in its abilities, the B.O. standing for Best Option. This confident approach is backed up by a long list of satisfied clients, each calling on B.O.R. Restoration to handle a wide range of situations varying from insecure buildings to fire damaged properties to homes ruined by natural disasters. Its evident skill in these areas have earned the team a reputation as the best of the best. B.O.R. Restoration is thoroughly committed to helping those who need it most in the light of the most catastrophic events. Fully qualified to take care of water, fire, storm and mold damage remediation, as well as contents cleaning and commercial and large loss services, it’s no wonder that clients who have been the victims of the most terrible circumstances draw on this firm to make things right. It can be a surprise to look at the statistics of devastating damage and seeing how common catastrophe really is. With 98% of basements in the US suffering from water damage at some point in their lifetimes, 475,500 structural fires in the US every year and more tornados than any other country, the question is not if you will experience this misfortune, but when. Accidents will always happen, whether or not they are mitigated against, Dec19426 and as such the purpose of B.O.R. Restoration is to provide a quick, safe solution to the challenges that people face afterwards. The company thrives on helping people, in the knowledge and joy that no two days are the same and every job is important to its clients. Key to the success of the business is its reputation for trustworthiness, and this trustworthiness comes from a talented and hardworking team that are determined to leave the world a better place than they found. Fully equipped to tackle the most complex of jobs, the team at B.O.R. Restoration are guaranteed to have the knowledge and equipment necessary to leave every single house just as it was before the incident, in what they refer to as a ‘pre-loss’ condition. This considerable skill comes from a commitment to clients that staff and contractors will be held to the highest standards, extensive training will be received from the best in the industry and everyone involved in the rebuilding process certified and insured so that valuable customers can breathe easy once they are on site. This insurance coverage is double what industry standards dictate, which not only demonstrates how few incidents happen on B.O.R. Restoration’s watch, but also how safe clients can be in its capable hands. B.O.R. Restoration makes sure Having fielded thousands of calls, there is very little that B.O.R. Restoration have not seen before. Its hardworking staff are able to recover any situation, no matter how lost it seems to be, in a calm, caring and compassionate manner. Proud to have a great working relationship with authorities such as the Police, Fire and Insurance agencies, with most referrals coming from these organizations, B.O.R. Restoration carries a great deal of weight in those situations which seem most dire. Particular areas of expertise include Water Damage Remediation & Structural Drying, Dehumidification & Climate Control, Mold Remediation, Sewage Remediation, Storm Damage Remediation, Fire Damage Restoration, Contents Cleaning, HVAC Cleaning and Decontamination, Smoke Odor When Disaster Strikes that it holds itself strictly to OSHA rules and regulations. This not only ensures the safety of its workers, but also to the public, to clients and their families. This firm adherence follows the business through every aspect of its work, with only the company licensed and bonded for maximum protection. Removal, Debris Removal and Damage Re-Construction. When it comes to dealing with specific types of damage, it’s helpful to consider what might happen to a property during an accident. In the case of fire damage, not only is there the fire to consider, but the water damage from firemen’s hoses putting out the fire and smoke particles that are difficult to remove embedded in the fabric of the house. Structural damage is a considerable risk, with smoke and soot able to cause corrosive etching within 72 hours and mold setting in thanks to the extinguishing process. It takes a team with experience to know how best to handle the challenges inherent in this. The work requires specialist equipment and expertise to not only rid homes of dangers, but to find those risks that might cause further damage to the building or to a client’s health. B.O.R. Restoration is able to not only remove any trace of damage visually, but deodorize the house to restore it to a “pre-loss” condition. Thanks to the enduring success of the business, one of the services that B.O.R. Restoration is now able to provide is the option of opening a franchise company. This immensely appealing business proposition draws on the safety of the industry to give potential franchisees the opportunity to draw on B.O.R. Restoration’s successful business model. What the original company offers is an administrative backbone, allowing people to build their business efficiently without having to deal with administration such as insurance companies and bookkeeping. Similarly, the appeal of the streamlined business model is that means not only is there a fast start-up, but low overheads too. B.O.R. Restoration is committed to supporting its franchise owners. It is the perfect example of a business that is being run for yourself, but not by yourself, with the parent company providing extensive help alongside the backing already on offer. When the worst happens, you need to get the best in and B.O.R. Restoration is certainly able to count itself amongst them. Using expert knowledge, this company is ideally positioned to provide the help that clients need after a disaster, operating without fuss. Not just here to rebuild your home, B.O.R. Restoration aims to leave the world better than it found it. Company: B.O.R Restoration Contact: Nick-Anthony Zamucen Corporate Excellence Awards 35