Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

, Oct19621 Growing Globally Elements Global Services is an award-winning HR technology and services company that provides employment solutions across 135+ countries. Headquartered in Barcelona with a global network of offices and employees delivering innovative solutions, discover why this firm is already established as 2020’s most outstanding global Employer of Record/HR Outsourcing company. From Belgium to Brazil, Jamaica to Japan, and Sweden to South Africa, companies operating in the modern world have it easier than ever before to scale internationally. Technology and advancements in communication have allowed companies to have offices in major cities across the world but despite that growth, it hasn’t become any easier to grow a global business. It’s a daunting prospect for companies starting their international expansion as there’s a lack of reliable guidance and insight. That is where Elements enters the fray. Covering everything from payroll, benefits, HR to local compliance, visa and mobility issues, Elements provides its clients with innovative tools and resources to support global reach. Additionally, Elements represents the very best of what a HR technology firm should be. Throughout 2019, the company’s workforce grew three-fold to more than 100 employees following a significant increase in demand for its services, solutions, and expertise. Now already firmly established as one of the most outstanding global Employer of Record and HR Outsourcing companies in 2020, Elements continues to serve business leaders, CFOs, Human Resources leaders, and other strategic decision-makers. These individuals are the beating heart of a company’s expansion, and Elements strives to support them in every aspect of planning their international growth. Using a single Human Resources Information System, the firm can connect clients directly to global HR platforms for domestic and international employees who needs services such as booking leave or retaining important HR documents with secure online access. That way, the clients are in full compliance with tax regulations and can maintain strong connections with remote employees. One of the unique solutions that Elements brings to the table is their Direct Employer of Record solution, which helps companies expand, onboard, manage and pay employees across the world. By partnering with an Employer of Record, a business can onboard, manage and pay their employees in almost any country without delay, while remaining in full compliance of all labour or tax laws. Elements uses their Direct EOR solution to pay employees worldwide, minimizing the risk for their partner company. So, how exactly does this work? The Direct EOR has its own entities in many countries and uses those entities to establish all the fundamental basics that a business would require. The EOR then “employs” the staff members directly to handle international payroll, HR laws, taxes and compliance requirements. The business, or client, retains control of its employees and their day-to-day tasks, but with minimal risk. On paper, Elements is the legal employer of the client’s workforce. Elements also handles all the administrative responsibilities related to employment, like writing contracts, hiring and onboarding staff, as well as handling local benefits. The client is still responsible for daily management of activities and company direction but no longer has to spend valuable time creating legal business entities to legally hire staff, which solves a big challenge for most employers in mitigating major risks. This approach allows businesses to have new employees working in as little as six weeks wherever they are in the world. Typically, it takes months to set up a new subsidiary, but Elements helps their clients save up to 94% of the time it would normally take to enter a new market. The time and costs associated with setting up and managing a company in a new country are prohibitive and distract a client from their core business. By Growing Globally partnering with Elements, clients have one partner who does it all for them at a fraction of the time and cost. With other models, there is usually a chain of different partners across the world, which isn’t optimal for the employee – when there is an issue, an employee will need to wait for these partners to relay details of the issue before resolving it. Often there’s a delay because of time-zones and local business hours. This is where Elements’ Direct Employer of Record model is unique as it removes chain and delays by ensuring their placed employees have a single point of contact who can take care of their issues - wherever they are, 24/7. Operating offices in a country that is not where the headquarters are located can be tricky. Rather than trudge through the waves of regulations, requirements, fees and other red tape, clients can consider Elements as their only global partner. Through their Employer of Record services, plethora of supporting offerings, and operation across 135+ countries, clients can rely on Elements to be the partner of choice when it comes to establishing an international presence that is fully regulation compliant. Company: Elements Global Services Contact: Rick Hammell Website: CEO Rick Hammell Corporate Excellence Awards 45