Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

Issue 4 2020 13 Jan20236 A Rich & Unique Supply Chain Orchestration Platform for the Global Industry In a rapidly globalised world, the importance of supply chains has become increasing obvious. Ensuring that perishable goods and time sensitive freights get to their destinations is imperative. Offering a solution to these logistical challenges are the team at MPO, the world’s only natively unified cloud platform for multi-party supply chain orchestration. Having earned the title of Most Influential Leader in Supply Chain Technology 2020 – USA in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards, we look more closely at the company to find out more. Founded by Martin Verwijmeren and Paul Van Dongen, MPO started with a strong background in the supply chain industry. Both men had worked for impressive qualifications; Martin has a PhD in Distributed Systems for Integral Inventory Management and Paul holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science and specializes in system architecture and software design. The simple aim of MPO (a SaaS platform for Supply Chain Orchestration) was to allow businesses to better manage the needs of modern industry pressures and challenges, but the result has grown into a phenomenon all its own. Hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and logistics service providers now leverage this SaaS platform to offer their global customers greater service options, faster delivery, reliable performance, and lower costs. With the rapid growth of the internet, Martin and Paul quickly realized the market landscape and supply chain were undergoing significant changes. As businesses expanded their markets internationally to meet growing customer demands, they also began outsourcing specialized services like manufacturing, distribution, and logistics. To stay competitive, businesses were forced to produce high-quality, diverse products at a lower cost and with faster and more delivery options. The technology of the time was far too rigid to meet these customer demands profitably, so businesses often had to choose between better customer service and lower operational costs. The answer, as Martin and Paul saw it, was in the cloud. MPO is a cloud- based SaaS platform and an innovative technology that gives businesses the tools they need to rise to the challenge, and better manage their global multi-enterprise business networks. Instead of having to compromise on either customer service or operational costs, the MPO platform allows businesses to have it both ways and consistently deliver on the perfect order. MPO has since become the backbone of support to some of the world’s leading brands. The platform empowers businesses to innovate and consistently deliver an outstanding customer experience, while maximizing operational excellence. It manages this effortlessly, with a focus on flexibility of operation and an infinitely configurable approach. There are no practical volume limits, which opens many opportunities for business development. What the platform also offers is its own unique array of capabilities. Multi-Level Order Management, Multi-Leg Transportation Management, and Multi-Tier Inventory Management are just some of the options available to clients using the software. One of the more impressive features is the ability of MPO to optimize every customer order through any stage of its lifecycle - from sourcing to fulfilment. Working under the title of “Customer Chain Control” this real-time, continuous optimization is based on each customer’s exact requirements, meaning that every customer order effectively gets its own “Micro Supply Chain”. This way, businesses can dynamically control costs and service level execution with unmatched precision and granularity. Another area in which MPO excels is in its ability to provide supply chain visibility and control into all flows – inbound, outbound, reverse, and aftermarket – all on a single cloud platform. In short, this means that businesses are able to more clearly see contextual insight into how decisions affect one another within the greater supply chain and allows them to be more strategic as a result. Many businesses have begun to digitize. But ERPs and WMSs only offer partial supply chain visibility and do not allow businesses to master supply chain orchestration. The problem with this approach is that these efforts tend to lack the data model, dynamic business rules, and systems integration necessary for end-to-end visibility, collaboration, and optimization – the three essential components for multi-party supply chain orchestration. The ability to provide such wide-ranging capabilities is one of MPO’s greatest strengths The platform’s ability to provide support with a Digital Control Tower and Supply Chain Visibility for multi-enterprise networks, as well as order management, transportation management, reverse logistics and spare parts management all in one equation is what really sets this solution apart, elevating it to the next level. The MPO platform remains the only one of its kind to use smart business rules and algorithms to process such broad considerations and constraints on a single platform. The platform also acts instantly, in the moment, and upon the latest network data. In one of the most complex, demanding times the world has ever known, MPO ensures its customers remain competitive, innovative, and able to take advantage of any opportunity. MPO’s platform retains enough flexibility to optimize complex flows at every stage of fulfilment, under any condition. Leveraging the MPO platform, customers with complex, global supply chains have improved customer service, reduced costs, and achieved faster and more efficient supply chains. Far from being merely a background function, the importance of supply chain management plays a pivotal role in defining the customer experience. It’s a consideration often ignored, but an opportunity not to be missed by businesses. Instead of focusing on the challenges, the team at MPO have created ways to work with the huge potential offered by globalization and networking. It’s a move that will not only benefit the customer, but the consumer and businesses as well. It’s this forward thinking that has ensured MPO has become an incredible success. Company: MPO Contact email: [email protected] MPO Founders Martin (CEO) and Paul (CTO): SaaS Cloud Pioneers in the first days of starting their company Corporate Excellence Awards 69