Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

, Nov19359 The Heart of Healthcare As the world of healthcare makes major strides into the future, finding the best way to communicate and engage with healthcare professionals and patients, continues to be a challenge. It’s a challenge that Pulse fully embraces, being named The UK’s Best Specialist Digital HealthcareMarketing Agency – 2020 by Corporate Vision. Join us as we profile this company to find out more. As the world’s leading provider of multichannel marketing content creation, as well as automation and artificial intelligence technology, Pulse is a major player in the healthcare industry. Working alongside pioneering brands in global life sciences, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, Pulse is perfectly positioned to utilise technology in order to drive growth for their customers. With the rising adoption of technology in healthcare and pharma, the industry has become more patient focused than selling focused. Whilst products continue to remain a central component when considering a patient’s welfare, it can be said that the focal point has shifted towards using technology to deliver services that support and in some cases, augment the drug based treatment regimes. Therefore, Pulse adopts a ‘patient-first’ mentality in all its work. A key example of the patient- centric approach can be found in heavy reliance on prototyping, with concepts being tested as they are developed. This brings the project to life and allows for valuable feedback to be gathered from test users, which can then be channelled into more effective further development. Of course, technology plays a major part in everyone’s lives, and the business model behind Pulse is no exception. Pulse thrives on successfully using and deploying technology for both SMEs and large, global enterprises. It is their compelling use of creative and ground- breaking technology that elevates the company above and beyond. Pulse has a varied approach towards incorporating technology within their work, producing everything from mobile apps, to remind patients to take their medicines, to new technology that enhances communication between healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical brands. The Pulse team takes advantage of their depth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of technologies, in order to find the right solution to the brief. One of the key developments that Pulse can provide Pharma customers with, is their ground- breaking platform Heartbeat™. A cloud-based, multichannel marketing, automation platform which automates common tasks across the digital content supply chain for pharma customers. This ingenious platform allows the acceleration, creation, approval, and the localisation and dissemination of eDetailing and CLM content across a large number of global markets. In this way, customers are able to drastically reduce their end-to- end production costs; simplify the localisation processes and increase the speed by which content can be deployed into markets by up to 90% - crucially important for ensuring an efficient and timely drug launch. Since 2016, Pulse has established a strategic relationship with Veeva, a global leader in the supply of cloud- based software for the global life sciences industry, a clear sign of success for the company. As a certified Full Service Content Partner – the highest level of accreditation – Pulse are in an enviable position as one of the select agencies offering first-class service across the Veeva ecosystem. Combined with Heartbeat™, designed specifically for Veeva customers, the result is multichannel marketing content that engages with healthcare professionals; helping pharma customers achieve their business and communication goals. As a marketing and technology company, one of the key aspects of success. relies upon building a strong working foundation with the customer. Pulse aligns to the customer’s objectives, outlined at the beginning of the process and works in a partnership to achieve them. The clear success of this approach can be measured in the fact that the majority of Pulse’s business is achieved through referrals and recommendations from satisfied customers who endeavour to support a business partner. When approached, emphasis is upon the initial conversation, which is directed towards getting at the heart of what a customer wants to achieve. This allows Pulse to gain in-depth insight into the nature of the business opportunity, as well as the needs of the customer. Not only has Pulse expanded its geographical presence, but by incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is perfectly positioned to embrace the next level of digital transformation. The use of AI is not limited to a singular project, rather it is widespread across multiple projects and at a global level. This progressive approach reflects the industry in which Pulse is operating. Healthcare professionals want to remain up to date with the latest medical advances and information. Their experiences with mobile, social and technology within their personal lives have shifted expectations into their working lives. They expect personalised, relevant and timely interactions and experiences, regardless of where they are or how they interact with a brand. The challenge for brands, and the way in which businesses like Pulse can assist them, is by helping them to remain one step ahead of these expectations. Drawing on an incredible amount of marketing and technology experience, Pulse has proven itself thanks to a dedication to healthcare. Not just knowing The Heart of Healthcare the content, but knowing their audience, has allowed the team to produce remarkable, user- centric experiences. Like the best things in life, their solutions are not generic, but perfectly targeted. At the start of a new year, Pulse finds itself with a strong foothold on technological advancements and a firm customer-centric approach at the core of their business. The team aims to continue to deliver high-end polished projects in 2020 through quality communication, expert understanding of technology and an unwavering focus on shared goals with their customers. Contact: Leo Miller Web Address: Corporate Excellence Awards 87