Corporate Excellence 2021

Issue 6 2021 17 impact; carbon remediation; product circularity; land use; and inclusive economies. As a result of this investment, the team have started a process which will see three gigatons of CO2e removed by 2030. That’s the equivalent to half the emissions from the US in one year or eight years of emissions in the UK. As a result of the pandemic, the team are transitioning a lot of their business to digital. Working online can do a lot of the heavy lifting, helping to decouple growth from the constraints of available, human resources. For the world to be able to deliver what is needed inside a decade, it’s essential that companies like Anthesis are able to grow exponentially. Achieving this sort of growth will only be possible through the use of technological solutions that revolve around a strong digital component. As a UK based company, the team at Anthesis have found themselves at the heart of international decisions around climate change, with COP 26 taking place in Glasgow in November. 197 countries and territories will report on their progress to a net-zero economy, while Anthesis is committed to amplifying its impact to tackle the world’s climate emergency. The world needs to reduce net annual greenhouse emissions by at least 40GT by mid-century to align with the IPCC’s 1.5⁰C. A key part of this work revolves around supporting clients and contacts on what this means to them and how they understand their carbon neutrals from their zero carbons. The nature of the market means that Anthesis has been in a great deal of demand, and has expanded extraordinarily quickly to meet that demand. For many companies, growth inspires an environment that requires increased processes and bureaucracy, but this is not so at Anthesis. The team do all they can to avoid bureaucracy, championing the unleashing of potential through personal and company-wide empowerment, and entrepreneurial can-do mentality. The sustainability game is one which must be won, as the future of the planet itself is at stake. Needless to say, what the team at Anthesis do is invaluable work, changing the very fabric of many organisations to act in a way that is as sustainable as possible. They have achieved great acclaim for their work, which is why the team are so highly regarded around the world. Company: Anthesis Name: Brad Blundell Email: [email protected] Corporate Excellence 2021 115