Corporate Excellence 2021

Oct21588 Swiss Teleconsultations Go Global Selected by both the Swiss and Abu Dhabi governments to provide teleconsultations to their citizens, Medgate has promptly become the leader of its industry. Collecting a variety of accolades, including Healthcare Leadership Award 2019 by CMO Asia and Corporate Vision’s Best Southeast Asian Telemedicine Solutions Company – 2021, Medgate has continued to inspire innovation. A founding member of the International Society for Telemedicine, Medgate has worked with multiple global organisations, and continues to aid communities around the world. With over two decades of experience competing in the international telemedicine market, Medgate has become a staple in both its home country of Switzerland and abroad. A leading provider across Europe, the Middle East, and the Philippines, Medgate brings the best of Swiss technology, implementing a robust platform that delivers top-of-the-range services. In addition, Medgate has partnered with numerous global organizations, including Swisscom and Mubadala, which has only increased its international reach. Since 2016, Medgate has been operating in the Philippines, catering to over 1.5 million Filipinos who are members of Medgate’s partners in the banking, health, and insurance sectors. Currently working with Intellicare and Generali, it ensures that their members can conveniently gain a consultation with a doctor through the Medgate platform. This means that people can have 24-hour access to medical care, and even have the option to have their prescribed medicines delivered. Furthermore, customers that do not come from partnerships, have the option to subscribe to its innovative Medgate Unliconsultation Plan, which provides a year of access to teleconsultation appointments. Even prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, Medgate were focusing on creating accessible healthcare for non-life threatening, non-emergency health concerns. Indeed, standing out in the healthcare industry, unlike a typical doctor’s consultation, Medgate can be reached through landline, mobile phone, website, social media, and an upcoming mobile app. The service follows strict clinical guidelines based on the 12 million teleconsultations Medgate handles annually. It is with these guidelines in mind that Medgate’s team of professionals are able to treat a variety of health concerns from dermatology to paediatric care. Medgate rapidly became a market leader – including in the Philippines where it has only operated for five years. As a result, it has become essential for Medgate to expand its employee base, especially with the ongoing dependence on online services. The company is home to driven employees that all share the same mission – to provide the best possible care to its patients. Taking the mission into great consideration, Medgate works with its staff to empower its patients, providing them with education, clinical reminders, and guidance. Alongside its team of dedicated employees, Medgate works with numerous medical consultants, who are highly skilled and trained in the field of teleconsultations. Working in such a competitive, service-based industry does not come without a vast array of challenges, and Medgate has successfully faced and tackled many of them. However, the Covid-19 pandemic shocked the globe, forcing many to adapt to the online world. This was not the case for Medgate, who had, prior to the pandemic, implemented an infrastructure that enabled them to handle a large number of cases. Medgate saw a 170% increase in calls during this time and continue to handle a record number on a daily basis. The pandemic proved to showcase the benefits of teleconsultations, reducing the congestion in clinics and emergency rooms. Medgate believes that the next step after smartphone technology will be the development of artificial intelligence. Many providers, including Medgate, already use some form of AI within their toolkits. For example, Medgate diagnoses and treats its cases based on statistically based clinical guidelines backed by AI engines to support its doctors. Taking information from over 12 million consultations, Medgate utilises AI machine learning to aid doctors in providing the best treatment plans for patients. Going forward, Medgate hopes to set its postponed plans of expanding into key ASEAN markets into motion, hoping to execute them once travel resumes in the region. Furthermore, Medgate hope to experiment with the introduction of 5G broadband, with the aim that it will enhance the quality of its video services. Ultimately, Medgate hopes to continue growing and inspiring innovation within the teleconsultation realm, eventually bringing in the use of wearables, such as blood sugar and body temperature monitors. Contact: Lylen Guevara Company: Medgate Web Address: