Corporate Excellence 2021

Next Generation Cleaning Cleanbox is the next generation in effective cleaning solutions, utilizing smart technology and UVC light to kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses from objects that are regularly handled by multiple people. Its efficiency and ease have made it a premier choice for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. We take a closer look at Cleanbox and its innovative technology that is transforming the way we clean for the better. Cleanbox Technology Inc is the Nashville based company that has engineered a family of premium, eco-friendly, smart hygiene systems, utilizing UVC LEDs for effective surface decontamination; that eliminates the need for wipes, chemicals, and spray cleaners. It is a modern solution to a universal problem, killing 99.999% of bacteria, viruses and fungi on VR/AR devices, PPE, and everyday objects in only sixty seconds. Cleanbox’s patented products use UVC light, a wavelength of light that does not naturally exist in the earth’s atmosphere and is therefore able to destroy common pathogens that don’t have natural immunity to it, making it an effective disinfectant against viruses, bacteria and fungi that has been used for generations. The internal air systems of the Cleanbox mean that any moisture or condensation on devices being cleaned is also dried, ensuring a complete clean inside and out. The game changing smart technology that has been developed by Cleanbox is available in three product lines: the CX Series, which is designed for HMDs, headsets, earphones and controllers; CleanDefenseTM, which is suitable for N-95 and other face masks; and OmniCleanTM, which is designed for phones, tablets, mics, stethoscopes, and anything else that fits within its drum. Consequently, Cleanbox’s products are in high demand across industries, and are used in healthcare, manufacturing, education, transportation, government and many other sectors. As the extent of the product’s capabilities for cleaning a vast range of items broadens, its clientele and global reach is similarly expanding. Valued for its effectivity against the majority of deadly and harmful pathogens, including Covid-19, there are many other advantages to Cleanbox systems that are enabling the company to break into even more markets around the world. Since their products are 100% toxin-free and eliminating the need for harmful cleaning chemicals and waste wipes, Cleanbox boasts environmental responsibility that is not easily obtained by most in the cleaning sector. Moreover, their products’ capacity to decontaminate multiple items in a single cycle, makes it a clear choice for those working in fast-paced environments like hospitals. Cleanbox also offers a one-year warranty on its products as part of its commitment to excellence in customer service. One of the most impressive aspects of Cleanbox products is the endless possibility for innovation that it presents. Having initially been created the to clean VR and AR headsets, the products are now used in the mobile technology market, a sector that is a lucrative opportunity for any tech business. As Cleanbox continues to invest in its research and development into smart hygiene technology in collaboration with research institutes and hospitals across the US, the firm is undoubtedly set to make a Feb21445 significant impact in a market that is currently center-stage in the midst of the ongoing global pandemic. Thus, driven onwards by innovation and ambition to penetrate even more markets in the months and years ahead, it is clear that Cleanbox is establishing itself as a leading solutions provider in smart hygiene technology. As its products become more accessible and accommodate more of the devices that are so central to modern living, Cleanbox is ensuring that we are able to maintain a safe standard of cleanliness that has rarely been so achievable. Contact: Yannina Diaz Company: Cleanbox Technology Inc. Web Address: ...the firm is undoubtedly set to make a significant impact in a market that is currently center-stage in the midst of the ongoing global pandemic.