Corporate Excellence 2021

Global Champion Founded in 1989, ABDA Aviation is a General Sales Agent (GSA) for air cargo representing more than ten airlines in Malaysia. As the GSA, it has exclusive rights to the selling, marketing and handling of air cargo for airlines represented by the company. Constantly innovating and making constructive changes to benefit its customers, it is the well-deserving winner of Corporate Vision’s Leading Cargo Management Solutions Provider - 2021. ABDA Aviation is a global champion in the GSA business and total cargo management activities; with roots in Malaysia, it has over the years spread its wings to 45 cities worldwide in Singapore, India, UAE, Kenya, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand, to name a few. It has an established network of airlines, freight forwarders and vendors for airline-related services and has provided assistance to many airlines in reducing their costs in areas such as ground handling agreements, trucking networks throughout the world, fuel costs for stop-over flights and more. With clients including shippers such as Intel, Dell, Western Digital and Samsung; multinational corporations such as DHL, Schenker, CEVA and Nippon Express; and forwarders including Forward Freight and Hexa Cargo, ABDA Aviation is the largest GSA in Malaysia and is consistently profitable. In addition to this, it stands out with its pricing and service reliability, and also has an excellent track record. The company’s strong qualified team of professionals makes it all happen is well connected, highly motivated and dedicated to delivering excellence. Each team member’s ‘can-do’ attitude enables the company to stay on top of the game, thanks to their willingness to learn, adaptability and keeping up with the business’ objectives. ABDA Aviation’s internal culture focuses on playing fair, rewarding positive contributions and attaining excellence in its performance. Once these practices are adequately executed, the outcomes are clearly displayed in profitability and the success of the company. Meanwhile, the pandemic has completely disrupted the flow of the company’s goods and services, with working schedules severely impacted (working from home became the new norm), productivity decimated, pricing escalated and operationally, a lot of effort for very little result. With this situation expected to continue until the end of 2021, it is stifling the company’s ability to continue to deliver services par excellence. The normal standard operating procedures are no longer applicable and relevant, so ABDA Aviation quickly had to adapt or else perish in the process. However, despite confronting its challenges, the company was able to capitalise on the new development and successfully carve a niche in the ‘charter business’ which provided it with new business opportunities and a positive income stream. This development is a direct result of the pandemic which gave unexpected benefits, and ABDA Aviation is making the most of the situation. There’s no doubt that 2021 is a lot harder than 2020 business-wise. Some degree of normality is expected to return to the company this year, but in order to survive, unorthodox practices and compromises in the service industry may alter the industry landscape. What was normal will no longer be normal. Only those companies that were financially sound and better prepared in dealing with the pandemic will continue to exist and thrive. As a result, there will be less players in the industry and those who are making it through will become bigger and much stronger. Company: ABDA Aviation Contact: Dato’ JJ Ong Website: Mar21455