Corporate Excellence 2021

Issue 2 2021 15 Guiding Financial Markets Through Unprecedented Change Financial markets are transforming and emerging technologies are moulding the future. CPQi is helping its client base build the future of banking, without wasting time and money. Terry Boyland, Chief Executive, tells us more about the firm and its vision for the future. With a focus on digital transformation, predictive artificial intelligence, DevOps and cloud migration, CPQi provides managed services, including building, implementing, and supporting financial markets’ systems for leading American economies. Formed in 2006, the company has grown from strength to strength in the provision of top-quality technology services to the financial markets. Chief Executive, Terry Boyland, tells us more. “Our focus is on completing a fulfilling day of work that meets the needs of our clients,” Terry begins. “Our top draw performance comes from application of our values. We believe that a sense of urgency (but never panic) drives our results. As business models evolve in this fast-changing world, we know that the ability to be agile is essential to success. Loyalty to us is a three-way partnership between our clients, our company and our employees. Quality has to be at the heart of our business, after all, our systems drive the global economy.” Headquartered in Canada, CPQi also operates in Brazil, USA, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Their key differentiators include providing exclusively Fintech services; banking-trained staff; nearshore and onshore services that reduce costs and key partnerships with banking platform providers. They have successfully delivered over 25 platforms and it’s clear to see that CPQi stands head and shoulders above their competition. “Our leaders are all ex-banking-CIO’s, so they understand our clients inside out,” Terry elaborates. “Everyone at CPQi is trained in both banking and technology, so developers have a genuine understanding of what they’re creating and it’s real-world functions. We only work in the Americas so while we offer great rates for work, we also always work in the same time zones as our clients.” Nov20011 The firm’s main clients consist of large banks and financial institutions, such as pension funds and insurance businesses. “Our team members are everything, they’re who the clients see and they define the face of CPQi,” Terry states. “When recruiting, we look for people who are hungry, humble and smart and have deep industry knowledge in banking technology and financial markets. We allocate people to different projects throughout their career so being able to train them in different financial technologies is key, making a genuine passion crucial.” Regarding the future, Terry tells us that there are big plans for CPQi. He firmly believes that digital transformation is the future of financial markets, which has been witnessed in the exponential growth of digital services and platforms. “We see digital transformation as including four main aspects, cloud, DevOps, artificial intelligence and channels, and we plan to continue leading the way in digital transformation for our clients across the Americas.” Contact: Deborah Boyland Website: