Corporate Excellence 2021

Contents 70. R3 Stem Cell Experts in Regenerative Medicine 72. Global Coach Group (International) Limited Global Greatness For Leading Coaches 74. D-Kode Technology: Decoding D-Kode 76. J4 Capital LLC Trading Made Smarter 78. Radislav Gandapas Leading The Way In Leadership Coaching 80. Gordon Tredgold - Leadership Principles Ltd A True Leader in Leadership Development 82. Conversocial: Connecting with Customers 84. Storage Made Easy: Powerful Combination of Privacy and Collaboration 86. Kastle Systems: Security of the Future 88. Triaxiom Security Optimizing Internal Resources 90. Fantastic Services One-Stop Shop for all Home Services 92. SCCF Structured Commodity & Corporate Finance SA: Forging a New Path 94. docs24 Ltd Ingenious Innovation From docs24 96. ADGS Computer Systems Modelling the Future 98. SEEK Social: UK’s Most Wanted 100. Lavandi Talent Simplicity and Transparency 101. Northrop Realty Helping Clients Find Home 102. Strategic Blue Streamlining Cloud Financial Operations 104. GCN Group Bringing Digitalization to the B2B Channel 105. Tibil Solutions Astonishing Analytics Firm Secures Success 106. Adventech LLC Efficient Industrial Motors 108. Congentis A Trusted Partner for Your Career Journey 110. Exom Group Srl A New Era for Clinical Trials 112. Zen Ex Machina Digital Transformation, Personal Service 114. Anthesis: Securing Sustainability Success 116. Aqua Comms ‘The Carriers’ Carrier’ 118. METCloud Ensuring Cybersecurity with METCloud 120. Pentera Cyber Readiness of the 21st Century 121. Inception Fertility Fertility Firm Secures Success! 122. Medgate Swiss Teleconsultations Go Global 123. Novatron Security Distribution SA Security Specialist Secure Success 124. Cympire: Fight for the Future 125. MNDFL LDR: Most Influential Executive Leadership Coach 2021 - Colorado 126. Venari Recruitment Elite Recruitment 127. Symphony Solutions BV In Perfect Harmony 128. Qonkur Media Dominating the Cannabis Marketing Industry 129. PentaQuest Pty Ltd Helping Organisations Thrive 130. Wholesale Mortgage Services Mortgage Marvels 131. Jashanmal National Co. LLC Historical Pedigree, Contemporary Retail 132. UNest: Saving For Their Future 133. KME Recruitment: Good, Honest Recruitment 134. Rigby Capital Ltd The Technology of Tomorrow, Today 135. Rook Connect: Reshaping How Businesses Implement Software Solutions 136. Russell Health Inc. A New Online Platform for Innovative Human Tissue Products 137. Tech Manchester: Technology for All 138. Paymerang: A Win-Win-Win Situation 139. Code Worldwide Marketing for a Changing World 140. Inspired Inspirations 141. Alma Real Estate: The Minds Behind Customer Facing Greek Real Estate 142. Cleanbox Technology Inc. Next Generation Cleaning 143. SocialClimb: Driving Practice Growth 144. Controlant: Stone Cold Success 145. Springbuk: Sharpening Benefit Strategies 146. Vulcan Consulting: Clearing the Way 147. Project Lifesaver International: Project Lifesaver Has Been Protecting & Rescuing Individuals With Cognitive Disorders for More Than 20 Years 148. FERIMMO GmbH Meet the European Platform for Greek Holiday Real Estate 149. Greenwich.HR: Innovation in Labor 150. Global Tax Network The Challenges in Global Mobility and Corporate Adaptability