Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Changing the Way Businesses Operate KCStrengthsHUB is a leading talent strategy and engagement company that maintains a focused portfolio of clients. Benefitting from a wealth of knowledge and industry experience, the company has acquired numerous awards and titles over the years, with each recognising its dedicated services. Adding Best Pharma Talent Strategy & Engagement Specialist – 2022 to its collection, KCStrengthsHUB is set to have a hugely successful 2022, especially after gaining multiple talented staff members over the past year or so. Partnered with Gallup, the world’s number one research-based global performance-management consulting company, and e2Grow, a digital enabling platform company, KCStrengthsHUB has aligned itself with industry leaders. Indeed, the Independent Limited company benefits greatly from such partnerships, utilising them to facilitate mutual learning and growth. KCStrengthsHUB is a leader in cultivating workplaces that truly engage with their employees, in turn, boosting output and performance. Moreover, the company is a provider of The CliftonStrengths assessment ® training and organisational development, and the founder, Keith Webster, is an Advanced Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder ® Coach. The company’s overarching goal is to co-create inspiring workplace cultures that maximize the potential and wellbeing of every employee in the global pharmaceutical industry. Through the use of CliftonStrengths’ impactful workplace solutions, KCStrengthsHUB has a proven strategy that aids businesses to develop its people, retain its talent by improving employee engagement and driving performance. In essence, KCStrengthsHUB builds better workplaces. Additionally, it works to coaches businesses leaders and managers to practically apply the best engagement practices to business outcomes, how to create thriving workplace where employees want to show up, work hard, and stay. KCStrengthsHUB practices drive efficiencies and effectiveness in organisations, which drive productivity and bring Joy to work Such goals entwine with the company’s greater mission – to be the chosen, non-Gallup, provider of CliftonStrengths solutions to the Global Pharma workplace. KCStrengthsHUB is a licensed partner of Gallup and e2Grow but is entirely independent. Its passion is to inspire organisational change and greater wellbeing by delivering workplace solutions that drive performance through a more engaging workplace. It’s working towards fulfilling this mission through a set of core values. First and foremost, it is imperative that KCStrengthsHUB builds a sufficient level of trust and honesty, both with its clients and amongst its team. This then goes hand-in-hand with integrity and honour, as when working with clients, it is important that the company conducts itself in a transparent and respectful manner. Positivity, Courage, and Loyalty are the final values that guide the company, helping it navigate through challenges and uncertain situations. Of course, these all dictate how the company interacts with its clients, of which there are many. KCStrengthsHUB boasts a diverse portfolio, filled with names across a variety of industries, including gold mining, technology, finance. However, whilst the company primarily takes an agnostic approach, its core client and market base stems from the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Attracting Country Leaders, Commercial Leaders, Managers, and Senior Marketing Directors, the company takes an indiscriminate view when taking on clients. It is simply focused on its mission for the Global Workplace. None of this would be possible without its team – including the founder and current director, Keith Webster. He keeps a compelling vision that’s complemented by strong values and a deep respect for people, in turn, this has spawned a great atmosphere in the company. Webster states that he views his role as the ‘“gardener” helping my people grow, by liberating them to be their true selves and trust that they do the best job.’ As a result, the KCStrengthsHUB team acts as one, serving as an example for how it wants its clients’ teams to behave. This has been a great benefit within an industry that is constantly evolving. Nothing is stagnant. Henceforth, it is necessary for the company to have this level of teamwork in order to evolve in an efficient and streamlined manner. By communicating in an aligned language, the company establishes an environment that thrives on sharing information, support, and teamwork. In turn, this has guaranteed longevity for KCStrengthsHUB, as communication is the cornerstone of every successful business. Contrasting this, however, has been the Covid-19 pandemic. For many this time has caused great unrest, particularly when it comes to small businesses, income, and general stability. Whilst KCStrengthsHUB did find positives stemming from the changes, it also found itself having to overcome numerous challenges. When the pandemic hit, the company converted its business to an entirely digital operation, meaning that many of its employees switched to remote working setups. The concept of keeping a remote team engaged serves as a challenge for many, yet the company’s model and programs have aided it to offer a unique proposition to clients, which has helped them to keep their teams engaged and enthusiastic about their work. Additional Client benefits, from this transition, include maintaining their employees’ wellbeing at a higher level. In turn, this began to strengthen the clients’ teams’ resilience – a change which was recognised throughout numerous management positions. This has been a great advantage as these companies walk through immense overhauls. Companies are having to change their mindsets, marketing and engagement techniques, and their internal structures. Overall, the future is set to be exceptionally bright for the company. 2021 was a year filled with abundance and success, with multiple awards coming into its possession. For example, Keith Webster was recognised by Finance Monthly Global Awards 2021 as Executive Coach of the Year and the company was recognised as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2022. In addition, KCStrengthsHUB now employs five coaches that deliver programs around the world, and a new marketing director who is currently working to forge an even greater impact for the company’s clients. Contact: Keith Webster Company: KCStrengthsHUB Web Address: