Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Issue 8 2022 23 Jun22247 Asset Management of the Future Winning Best Asset Management Firm 2022 – Liechtenstein is no small achievement. This award is something to be truly proud of and, here, we learn more as Incrementum AG is bestowed with such a prestigious title. Incrementum AG is an independent and fully licensed and supervised fund and asset management company based in Liechtenstein. It was founded in 2013, and is jointly owned by 5 managing partners, who prior to joining Incrementum spent their careers in the world of international finance and investment, working for major financial services companies in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Madrid, Zurich, Vienna, Vaduz, Toronto and Hong Kong. Our three business areas are fund management, wealth management for private clients, and research. From our perspective, the concept of a “risk-free investment” must be categorically rejected. In these modern times of excessive structural debt and negative real interest rates it is our goal to offer investment insights, products and services that meet the requirements of this new investment paradigm. As such our range of funds offers global active strategy funds to highly specialized funds, like our crypto-gold or uranium funds. Supported by a strong performance track record, this has helped us to achieve very high levels of growth in our overall fund management business over the past year. In our wealth management business, where we have also built an excellent long-term track record, we specialize on and take care of European private high net-worth investors, which allows us to maintain personal relationships with our clients based on continuity and trust. Our research offering is built around our core In Gold We Trust report, a comprehensive analysis on gold and capital market developments, which over the past decade has become the benchmark work for readers with interest in precious metals and was dubbed by The Wall Street Journal as “The Gold Standard Of Gold Analysis”. We believe in the individual within a strong team, which is reflected in our flat organizational hierarchy. We are independent in our analysis and communication and always follow our convictions, while keeping an open mind. We care about our clients, with whom we build personal and trusting relationships. We care about society by educating people about the ephemeral character of the current monetary system. And while we have learned from the past, it is our business to care about the future by actively preparing ourselves for a variety of possible financial market scenarios. Ultimately, we are entrepreneurs who pursue their vision to build a truly independent investment management boutique, while being reliable partners to our investors, business partners, and employees, and we look forward to doing business with you. Contact: Claudia Fasciati Company: Incrementum AG Web Address: