Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Apr22395 Be Part of Launch and Skyrocket to Success Spread across a plethora of locations, Launch Entertainment Park brings the fun to all who visit. From a small setup to a large franchise – and network across multiple locations – Launch has secured success for all of its inspirational efforts. Here we take a look at the kind of things on offer as it wins 2022’s Leading Indoor Entertainment Solutions Franchise. Finding somewhere for family fun can be difficult from time to time but, with Launch, there’s endless fun for all. With attractions such as trampoline courts, dodgeball with a twist, cliffhanger, Krave pizza making, Battle Pit, and Fury laser tag, and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Launch’s trampoline courts allow you to reach new heights with their massive spans and high-quality materials that ensure the best bouncing experience. Its trampolines also serve as a dodgeball court for those wishing to take dodgeball to the next level – these games of dodgeball are high-energy, hair-raising, and full of hearty fun for everyone playing. Not only does Launch elevate our experiences of fun, but it also prides itself on its uniqueness; Launch provides us with a safe space to explore and express ourselves through a variety of fun activities, and it does so with style. Launch’s cliffhanger is a great challenge for anyone looking to perfect their rock-climbing skills indoors. This mountain rock wall is a tricky but rewarding endeavour that will leave you feeling stunned once completed – you won’t believe you’ve done it and you’ll want to have a go all over again! The Battle Pit is a skill-testing activity that involves challenging your family and friends to a battle made up of jousting on a battle beam or bosu balls – who will fall in the ball pit, and who will conquer all? Much like trampoline dodgeball and the Battle Pit, Fury laser tag is an extremely competitive challenge that encourages you to put your gaming skills to the test. It might seem easy, because we’re used to first-person games on consoles, but the real-life experience is truly different. By dividing us between United Earth and Martian Syndicate, the battle commences and we battle it out for victory. Encouraging you to create your own pizza, Launch’s Krave has earned itself a spot at the top as one of the favourite places for custom-made pizza. Made from scratch, each artisan pizza is made to the freshest degree – you can even watch it being made yourself. With fresh ingredients for salads, pizza, and signature desserts, Launch creates tasty treats for you to enjoy after you’ve used up all of your energy on the activities. The list goes on with its basketball, Knockout, LaunchPad, foam pit, Tumble Traks, Slackline, Meltdown, the Challenger course, an indoor playground, stunt tower, arcade, Breakout, bowling, and Paradox VR. In other words, this collection of fun activities will keep you coming back for more. And you’ll get stronger each time. Now, Corporate Vision is proud to present Launch Entertainment Park with the accolade of 2022’s Leading Indoor Entertainment Solutions Franchise as it continues to knock it out of the park. Contact: Erin Arnold Company: Launch Entertainment Park Web Address: