Corporate Vision December 2017

22 CORPORATE VISION / December 2017 , The People Practice is a consulting practice that focuses on results-driven coaching and facilitation. We profile the organization and its coaches as we look to find out more about the success of the company. Specialists in Coaching Working at The People Practice, both Sarah and Susan are qualified coaches and have worked in global HR Executive roles for over 30 years. Their experience at companies such as Apple, EMC and EY drive an approach that brings focus, clarity and new insights to their engagements. Their backgrounds bring the ability to really look at the issue from a variety of angles and determine the best possible tools and techniques to give the client what they need. They have a deep & varied toolkit when enables them to create unique and cutting edge approaches. They are curious by nature, and find that the situation presented is the start of an unknown, unfolding journey to a new perspective that yields very different options to what might previously not have been understood. Approaching their clients with an enquirer’s mind, means they can stay agile on behalf of their client. Susan’s non-judgmental, thoughtful approach enables clients to explore themselves and their reality at a much deeper level. The practice’s clients are varied, ranging from individuals looking to make better sense of their future to senior leadership teams working on their resilience and relevance in their business environment. Essentially, they focus on three core areas, individual coaching, team coaching and leadership development. Their coaching work on a one-to- one basis is developmental, by helping individuals develop self- awareness and, results driven, through three-way contracting with the coach, sponsor and individual. Their approach offers coaches the time to think for themselves, about their own context and goals with no judgement. Teams operate at two levels at any given time - the task and the emotional - both need focus for a team to be successful. Sarah & Susan believe that, in today’s world, those teams that are most resilient and agile are the teams that pay attention to what is occurring for their members, and the whole group at a sub- conscious level. Their team consulting draws extensively on their team coaching training and on their OD, Adult Learning and Group Dynamics experience. They facilitate a space so individuals/teams can manage their emotions as they turn their attention fully and deeply to their reality. Their team coaching will almost always involve both the work at hand, and the psychological processes at play in that context. With the ultimate goal of a high performing, resilient and agile team, ready for the unknown unknowns of today’s world. Sarah & Susan have a deep background in leadership development and have a passion for understanding what interventions really create great leaders. They believe that many of the leadership development tools that were created for the industrial age no longer deliver in the volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) environment. Their focus is on vertical rather than horizontal development - where development is a continuous process not an event. Leaders who can grow skills in the area of “sense-making”, those who are interdependent, longer-term thinkers, able to hold multiple perspectives and contradictions are the leaders needed today. To deliver of these skills, Sarah & Susan deliver programmes that are highly experiential, deeply reflective, relationship based embedded in a psychology and adult learning theories. When a client reaches out to The People Practice, the team 1712CV21 start by understanding the current need, and then begin to map their client’s context both systemically and psychologically. This mapping process creates new insights that drive clients to work on the most meaningful questions for them. The People Practice believes that turning attention towards current reality, creates a deeper impact that really gets to the root cause and focuses on much longer-term results. This work often requires considerable management of emotions, and Sarah’s skill of creating a space where people can be brave in their thinking and articulation, is often the key to a new path for many individuals and the success of teams. The People Practice have a unique set of values, which are ingrained in everything they do. They believe in transparent, honest partnerships and will always seek to deliver work that has considerable impact on people and their business results. These values include integrity and following through on promises, as well as value creating, ensuring clients get the best value for money. Furthermore, the team at The People Practice continuously strive to design solutions that are suitable to each situation, thinking of the result from the