Corporate Vision December 2017

CORPORATE VISION / December 2017 35 , LucyThompson is anExecutiveCoachandOrganisational Effectiveness specialistwhoworks with individuals, teams andorganisationswhichhelp themaccess, understand andverbalise the current reality. Lucyprovides uswithanoverviewof herworkand the success shehas achieved. Passionate About Improvement Having started to understand and verbalise the current reality, Lucy starts to move the client on with their journey through the action steps needed to build a viable future. Lucy believes that the key is on creating healthy environments in which people can thrive and it is her role to work with leaders to create that healthy environment where they can feel they have a safe space just to download and think. Lucy outlines her current role and the business she works in, telling us how much she enjoys working with different people. “The bulk of my coaching is with Senior Leaders across a variety of businesses and sectors, often helping with their thinking, approach and behaviours whilst going through change. “Currently, I work within the utilities sector in an organisation of just over 3000 people spread across the UK, based in the North East. I am one of eight internal coaches within the business and I love the variety of people I work with and helping them to do their best thinking about the challenges they face, and how they can be the very best version of themselves as an extraordinary leader.” Working with the belief that organisations do not change, but people do. Lucy has a clear belief in leadership and how it benefits not only people, but also companies. Being adaptable and versatile are key aspects of Lucy’s success. “Ultimately, I believe that the one size fits all approach to coaching using fixed models and techniques no longer works. I further believe that great leadership produces outstanding performance and results, whilst also thinking that what is being presented on the surface might not always be what is going on underneath. Therefore, keeping an open mind is very important as even with a clear scope when working with teams and individuals, quite often things comes up unexpectedly and thinking on my feet has become a key skill.” Personal development is something that Lucy is clearly very passionate about, particularly her own, and so being able to demonstrate her beliefs in a way which others follow is important to her. “One of my passions is my own personal development and to be credible in this ever changing world being able to demonstrate keeping up with emerging developments really contributes to how much credibility you have. I am always scouring and seeking out information, intelligence, new skills and capabilities that can be of value to the people I work with. It is only when I am the best version of myself that I can help them to be the best version of themselves.” Lucy is quick to praise those who she works with, citing the different nature of people’s outlook on certain situations, enabling her to motivate herself to keep on her toes and adapt accordingly. “Throughout the industry, the coaches I work with are fabulous, each one is different and brings a different outlook, style and voice to how we shape our coach offering. Each of us works with different tools, techniques, philosophies and we all have such a diverse range of backgrounds. It is fantastic to learn from each other and we really challenge ourselves to push the boundaries of the conventional approach and be refreshingly different. This enables us to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our coaches are hand selected, some come from technical backgrounds from other areas of our business, some have a HR background and other have a learning and development background, some have all of the above along with real leadership experience from different industries.” In her concluding comments, Lucy is not sure what the future 1712CV31 holds for herself, but it will almost definitely involve success. She comments on the fact that she has been developing her own skills, demonstrating her passion to improve herself and her skills. Lucy is ready to embrace the challenges that 2018 will bring. Moving forward, my future is unwritten, however, having recently been introduced to Sydney Banks and the three principles, I believe my life as a coach will emerge and I will be wherever I am meant and needed to be. Recently, I have been developing my skills with executive team coaching and this is a real area of interest for me and developing high performance teams as well as individuals. This will be my focus during 2018 and I’m really up for the challenge and the new learning it will expose me to. Contact: Lucy Thompson Contact Email: lucy_a_ [email protected] Phone: 07943 982048