Corporate Vision December 2017

CORPORATE VISION / December 2017 51 Company: Rentschler/Tursi LLP Contact: Judi Rentschler Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 411 Borel Ave # 510, San Mateo, California, CA 94402, USA Phone: +1 650-524-1980 Website: women led to some feeling marginalised. “However, to disprove the bias and stereotype, I did my job and tried cases, big ones, long ones, complex ones, and found that juries did not hate me for being a woman or an advocate, and I won (and lost) just as often as did the men.” Commercial Real Estate: It is as Simple as That. g In her concluding comments, Judi finalises what makes her law firm so attractive to clients, and why return clients and business through word of mouth will help the company to succeed in the real estate and legal industry. “Ultimately, we stay up to date on the law by reviewing each day’s advance sheets (daily opinions) and industry resources, and whenever a new case, law or regulation impacts our business or that of our clients, we make sure that all of our forms and resources are current and reflect the latest trends in the field. I meet and talk often with real estate brokers about trends and needs. Moving forwards, both myself and the rest of the team will work hard to continue to support my clients in all their real estate endeavours.”