Corporate Vision December 2017

60 CORPORATE VISION / December 2017 , DPMG Corp. is a business evolution consulting firmdesigned to create value for clients in every sector seeking to deliver higher quality goods, services faster and at lower cost. We profile the firmas we examine its success, including being featured in Corporate Excellence Awards of 2017 for Excellence in Leadership Development 2017 – USA. Design. Process. Management. Looking to create value for clients, DPMG Corp is also focused on developing an organization culture of improvement and problem-solving that draws out every employee’s full potential. The team is full of seasoned professionals who have real world, hands on experience in helping business improve productivity, performance and their overall mission. Offering a variety of services, the firm focuses in areas of consulting, coaching, facilitation, mentoring. It also offers training in an assortment of different practices, including strategic planning, leadership development, and total quality management. Additionally, training is also provided in deployment, project management and project oversight, sustainability deployment. Lastly, another one of the firm’s training departments is in business process management and development, along with product development and design supply, chain management, and finally ISO 9000 implementation. DPMG’s team help clients to achieve lower costs, improve productivity and quality, and decreased time-to-market. Providing its clients with customized training, coaching and support, the team also help clients develop a continuous improvement culture. Staff do not become permanent fixtures at their clients’ facilities, and look to help clients become self-sufficient organizations that are not dependent on consultants. The firm emphasize cultural change for longer term success, and with their experience, the expert staff have spent their entire careers honing their craft. Success at the company is measured by the level of client’s success, as employees look to optimize the customer’s business evolution into operations and business excellence. Maintaining a customer first philosophy provides employees with the opportunity to treat each project and client with a unique point of view. Staff listen, learn and develop solutions based on each customer’s needs, enabling them to provide clients with customized training, coaching, and support them, developing a continuous improvement culture. Differentiating itself from other firms, the company is unique in its approach, meaning staff can look at organizations holistically, and are able to focus on transforming an organization’s culture from within. Transforming an organization can be done by anyone, however, in DPMG’s experience, of which there is a wealth, transformation cannot be sustained without a culture change. Culture change requires the buy in from the entire organization, and staff focus on culture change by working directly with clients and passing on their knowledge wisdom to the client. This can only be done with a customized methodology. Overall, with the ability to mark itself out as the best option for customers and other businesses alike, DPMG can look forward to becoming one of the leaders in the industry. Its philosophy and vision of putting clients first is something that will help it sustain its high customer satisfaction levels, along with the internal culture at the firm. 1711CV18