Education and Training Awards 2020

This April, Withinsight celebrated 10 years of success within the training industry. It’s a success based on Antoinette’s gritty tenacity and determination to practice what she preaches. Every time a recession hit, she chose to adapt to her clients new training needs. Her zealous commitment to offering her clients the most current and rigorously researched transformative practices, lead to her decision in 2019 to add Dr. Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ Workshop to her Leadership Training syllabus. She was trained in the USA by Dr. Brown, specifically so she could bring the transformative methods that she provides to a UK audience. For the last ten years Antoinette has been at the forefront of the coaching profession, constantly adapting her techniques to provide leaders across Europe with insight, knowledge and the opportunity to build innovation and courage into their business cultures. Each of her programmes makes use of the latest evidence-based research in order to offer the very best content to meet specific client needs. To ensure consistent delivery to an exceptional standard, Antoinette designs and delivers each course personally, or meticulously chooses a trusted and talented associate to work alongside her. This bespoke approach is what keeps customers coming back for more. In a constantly changing climate, it’s important for trainers like Antoinette to remain at the forefront of the industry. Needless to say, her focus on education and leadership has allowed her to create change where it counts, by educating the people with the most power to serve the people with the least power. As well as working internationally with leadership teams in global organisations, Withinsight brings key learning and insight to those who educate children, therefore passing the positive benefits of her work onto a new generation. In the long term, the result will be a generation of courageous leaders who have the necessary tools to guide the world through turbulent times. The flagship service that Antoinette offers to clients is the Dare to Lead™ Workshop. This empirically based courage-building program for Leaders and Change Agents unlocks the secrets of building brave cultures and driving performance by navigating vulnerability, leading with values, building trust and rising from setbacks. Based on Dr Brené Brown’s astonishing programme, Antoinette runs one of the two organisations licenced to deliver this course in Scotland. Her commitment to delivering the best possible service as a result is clear and is a sure reason behind her incredible achievements thus far. Looking ahead, in a time of uncertainty and unrest, it’s difficult to see the easy way out. What Antoinette, and Withinsight, offer is a chance to change the tide. Her work is designed to educate leaders how to create the psychological safety required for people to listen to each other, say what needs to be said and inclusively co create a way forward. Leadership will be a critical factor in moving on from this catastrophic time, and she is ideally positioned to help those looking for a way forward to find it. The main aspect that sets Withinsight apart is its commitment to service, courage, generosity and kindness. Each plays a major factor in every business decision that is undertaken, and is no doubt what has ensured the longevity of the company. Of course, Antoinette has not done the work alone, and credits her financial advisor, the late Derek Begg, for providing such incredible support for the business. His knowledge was key to enabling the business to thrive. Similarly, the work of Lorna McGregor and Kirsty Morris has been vital as the business has grown and thrived. Each has provided editorial and technical help respectively. The success of Withinsight is indisputable. It’s a business powered by passion for change, and a way of bringing about that change within people. Many companies are concerned simply with the bottom line, but what sets Withinsight above and beyond is the promise of learning how to face our current financial reality, no matter how bleak it may seem, with more courage and enough hope to create a fairer, more prosperous future for all. Company: Withinsight Coaching and Training Contact: Antoinette Ross Phone: 44( 0) 776666 0933 Web Address: Most Innovative Leadership Coaching Organisation 2020 The team at Corporate Vision are committed to bringing you the best providers in this year’s Education and Training Awards 2020, and nowhere is this better embodied than in the work of Antoinette Ross of Withinsight Coaching and Training. Using sophisticated techniques, she has helped people to revolutionise their relationships and build growth that can stand the test of time. We profile the firm to find out more. Education & Training Awards 2020 Jun20060 coaching and training