Education and Training Awards 2020

graduates are able to seek a job immediately upon completion of their course. While the pandemic has accelerated demand for online learning, there is no substitute for hands-on guidance when it comes to operating machinery. BAM’s team are working tirelessly to ensure the industry has the skills and confidence it needs to get building, safely. Contact: Matt Durant Company: BAM Construction Training Web Address: Jun20339 Best Construction Training Provider 2020 - Southern England & Customer Service Excellence Award - Southern England BAM Construction Training provides construction training for learners of all ages and backgrounds. With seven years of success safely under their belt, we profiled BAM to discover more about the extraordinary services they provide, which prompted their double win in Corporate Vision’s Education and Training Awards 2020. As a fully accredited provider of training courses and NVQs to the construction industry, BAM helps learners to secure the right qualifications and experience needed to complete every shift as safely as possible. BAM offers a wide variety of training courses, whether it be for small hand tools, or providing licenses to operate large on-site machinery, such as diggers and forklifts. The firm operates from dedicated centres in Bracknell, Wokingham & Chippenham, with plans for another in Bath & Frome, and aspires to bring its industry-leading training beyond South-East and West England to every county in the UK. BAM’s passion for learning extends far beyond the construction site. As a Go Construct Ambassador and an Enterprise Advisor, Matt Durant, the company’s managing director, visits schools, colleges and businesses to advise prospective learners about the exciting career opportunities ahead of them. The award-winning company aims to encourage individuals to invest in their future, and BAM’s team of experienced instructors pride themselves on being the best supplier of construction training in Southern England. The company’s motto is ‘Proactive not Reactive’. To this end, BAM has incorporated the Japanese philosophy of ‘Kaizen’, which roughly translates to being in a state of continual improvement. This strategy encourages all employees at the company to pool their collective talents and make proactive improvements to BAM’s training processes. BAM’s instructors firmly believe it’s important to get to know their prospective learners and develop a strong understanding of their background, experience and capabilities in order to tailor each course to the needs of the individual. Translators are available to navigate any potential language barriers and learners who prefer to work on an individual basis are able to request one-to-one support. Students with limited previous experience on a construction site are provided with extensive additional safety training and BAM offers ongoing support to all of its graduates. The company employs state-of-the-art technology to stay ahead of the competition, including a bespoke GDPR-compliant booking system to facilitate a seamless entrance for returning clients. It’s also developing a video feedback system for students to review their progress. The UK’s construction industry is at a critical juncture. At a time when Covid-19 threatens livelihoods and efforts to counter a nationwide housing shortage, a skilled and safe workforce is more important than ever. BAM is on hand to provide aspiring and existing construction workers with the tools they need to explore a new career or progress in their field. The company welcomes learners with any level of experience – including none at all – and Education & Training Awards 2020