Education and Training Awards 2020

the means for imparting the entire knowledge bank of the world. Language and knowledge are not two mutually exclusive things. If one can master language, the ability to master any other subject becomes much easier. Scenictionary is focused on creating a strong base for English language students around the globe, and making their minds into a refined dictionary through the help of visual aids. Company: Scenictionary Education LLC Contact: Mr. Sanshray Tuteja Website: Jun20473 Best Psychological Research & Empirical Testing Educational Solutions 2020 Scenictionary Education LLC provides an advanced vocabulary course that has been created after years of research and experimentation on psychology of language. The firm as a whole has been providing solutions based on rigorous psychological research and empirical testing to make the learning process much faster. We take a closer look at the firm to understand the reasons behind its success, and how it is innovating in new and exciting ways within psychological research and empirical testing for education. Scenictionary was formed to provide solutions for those in search of language courses that are as extensive as they are exceptional. The solutions are based on rigorous psychological research and empirical testing that can make the learning process multiple times faster and more effective in order to meet the demands of the contemporary globalized world. Simply put, Scenictionary offers a language course after which a person will never have to consult a dictionary again; it aims to plant the dictionary in the mind of its students. The person is not only able to understand all the advanced words they come across in everyday use, but they are also able to use those words whilst speaking or writing themselves. Crucially, Scenictionary does not just explain these words, but show them. Scenictionary itself as a word is an amalgamation of the words “Scene” and “Dictionary”, a fitting combination. The mission of Scenictionary has always been to make it possible for any student in any part of the world, regardless of their socio-economic situation, to have incredible language skills, enabling them access to a vast amount of linguistic knowledge. As part of this, Scenictionary seeks to accelerate the language acquisition and learning process of students, by tailoring education to the students’ overall personality and IQ development. Despite the diversity of people all over the world, Scenictionary is resolutely working towards the creation of one common language globally, thereby removing the linguistic impediments that lie in the path of true globalization. With Scenictionary, students can acquire English language skills with ease and open up a world of possibilities and opportunities. Students can become active listeners, great speakers, superb readers, and awe-inspiring writers, all thanks to what the firm offers. Scenictionary redesigns, redefines, accelerates, and enlivens the education, enabling students to be active participants in an increasingly connected world. Every age group can be active learners, with regularly updated linguistic knowledge that would otherwise take years of hard work to achieve outside of learning with Scenictionary. The onus of learning is taken upon the staff, rather than the student, as the firm functions with the motto of “A student never fails. A teacher does.” At the core of what Scenictionary is about, is the belief that language is not just a subject to be learned at school. Rather, it is an essential tool to understand the other subjects that people learn throughout their lives. Whatever people choose to study, whether it be science, mathematics, history, or a myriad of other subjects, a grasp of the language it is taught in is vital. It can be hard to fully understand what is being taught if there is not a keen and proper understanding of the words being used to explain the subject matter. Scenictionary believes that everybody should be able to first visualize what the subject wants to convey before it can be understood. Ultimately, the words in the dictionary can be combined in an infinite number of ways to create Education & Training Awards 2020