Education and Training Awards 2020

CEG always maintains its focus on delivering the highest quality at every stage, regardless of the stage itself. This commitment to excellence at every opportunity and touchpoint has not only ensured the outstanding success of its students all over the world, but it has also made the organisation one of the fastest-growing independent education providers in the world. The vision for CEG Digital is much the same. In partnership with a select portfolio of high-ranking universities across the globe, CEG Digital is primed to become the world’s leading provider of online and blended higher education. Whilst others may be clamouring for that coveted title, the uniquity of CEG’s level of quality that it can offer to students and the comprehensive set of services that it puts at the disposal of its university partners is what stands it apart from the competition. Leveraging decades of higher education experience, CEG provides a unique combination of financial resources, teaching expertise, and global market knowledge and insights to unlock the higher education market for both students and universities alike. The organisation’s ethos of working with universities is one of true collaborative partnership, tailoring all operations to the needs and requirements of the institution, which is able to retain all intellectual property of their courses. CEG Digital’s online programmes are fully branded according to institutional guidelines, and the students are fully registered students of the university, even receiving credentials which are identical to those attained by a face-to-face student upon completion of their course. What CEG brings to its partnerships with educational institutes around the world is a wealth of educational experience, and it is able to add capacity to the institution in market research, marketing, recruitment, instructional design, student support, and teaching delivery. CEG has developed a range of commercial models for its university partnerships to ensure that the institutions can access global markets whilst minimising financial risks. ONCAMPUS programmes offer students guaranteed progression to more than five hundred degrees at universities across the world. CEG has centres based on the campus of its partner universities, and students can enjoy a true university experience throughout the duration of their programme. The impact of COVID-19 Global demand for post-secondary education is expected to rise from 165m in 2013 to 263m by 2025, an unprecedented increase concentrated in developing economies. There is an insurmountable supply gap, and whilst technological development have enabled universities to explore newmodes of delivery, transition to high-quality full university programmes at scale requires dedicated resources and funding. However, that technological development may become more necessary swiftly, especially given the current global public health crisis inflicted by COVID-19. It has no doubt affected every single university, as well as their staff, learners, and candidates. Students across the world have had their futures thrown into jeopardy, and the necessity for online learning has never been more prevalent. CEG Digital is more important than ever before. Institutions around the world have moved quickly throughout the spring and summer of 2020 to provide alternative arrangements for their campus-based students for the remainder of the academic year. It was a remarkable effort to keep everything functioning during what has been an unprecedented time of lockdowns across the world. However, it is important to note that the emergency measures put in place by institutions are not a robust way of delivering online education. Streaming a video and then holding a seminar is not a great student experience in the long-term. Developing an online, pedagogically-sound course that comes with support materials and staff trained to teach online can take months, and requires planning, expertise, and funding. The crisis has also provoked sharp changes in the intentions of future students, with the interest in online programmes having grown by more than 40% when compared with the same period in 2019. Universities find themselves having to cope with an unprecedented crisis at the moment, but CEG and its Digital division is on hand to help with the opportunities to expand university operations to the new and fast-growing online learning market. It is ideally placed to assist institutions with its expertise and resources, and can provide academic online development work (in close collaboration with academic staff), tutor recruitment and training, and the overall management of online delivery. They also provide robust operations for global marketing and sales, lead generation and conversion, dedicated pastoral care, technical support, and event management for face-to-face delivery. The internal culture of CEG is just as exceptional as its outward-facing educational excellence. The whole organisation is a unique combination of a company with a wealth of experience, and an agile workforce. It can provide institutions with the latest innovations in learning and teaching, whilst they can rest assured that CEG’s approach never compromises the quality of the learning experience nor the robustness of the academic oversight. This mix of trusted experience and product innovation has made CEG into such an interesting proposition for academic institutions all over the world. As a firm, it is also committed to being active participants in the development of the university sector. As such, it is using its expertise in online education to provide free resources for educators looking to ensure the best possible online learning experience for their students. What’s next for CEG? Looking to the future, the growth of digital education and online learning is undoubtedly going to continue. As it does so, CEG is also focused on its rapid and sustainable growth, and is working hard to realise its vision to become the world’s leading provider of online and blended higher education in partnership with a select portfolio of high-ranking universities. With its sights firmly set on achieving that goal, CEG is also upgrading its ONCAMPUS courses in order to provide a fully resilient service to university partners. Each course will soon have a fully flexible design, utilising CEG’s digital expertise to ensure there is a provision method in place that can accommodate face-to-face, blended, and online delivery. This innovative multimodal approach is unique in the market. Online training and education is fast becoming commonplace for teaching bodies and institutions all over the world. Perhaps accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, this growth is something that many cannot afford to ignore any longer. CEG has long been a beacon of educational excellence for students aspiring to study at the world’s foremost universities. In an era when digital approaches are more needed than ever, CEG Digital is continuing to set a new standard for the industry; one that upholds the firm’s status as a truly outstanding centre for education. Company: Cambridge Education Group – Digital Contact: Professor Manuel Frutos-Perez PFHEA Website: Across its portfolio of high-quality services, CEG Digital seeks to add capacity to its university partners and ensure that the institution can access the online learning market successfully. Just some of those services include Programme Selection, Development and Implementation of Content, Marketing and Recruitment, Programme Delivery, and Student Experience and Support.