Education & Training 2022

Apprenticeship Training Provider of the Year - UK ESP (The Education & Skills Partnership Ltd) is an OFSTED rated ‘Good’ apprenticeship training provider offering a range of high-quality training and apprenticeships to UK employers within the retail, hospitality, telecoms, health, and business sectors. In addition, it offers workplace skills, and leadership and management short courses. There are over 1.2 million unfilled vacancies in the UK – so, the fight for talent is on. Employers are looking to grow their own talent, with upskilling existing staff being a current trend. A national provider with its head office in Kent and a branch in the Greater Manchester area, ESP is able to support businesses and learners throughout the UK, in both devolved and non-devolved areas. ESP is on a mission to provide the skills, knowledge, and safe environment needed for all of its learners to reach their full potential. Fundamentally, to do this, it simply listens to them. It recognises that businesses and individuals face unique talent challenges, each of them needing tailored solutions, so getting to know the client is really important. ESP collaborates with clients to develop bespoke solutions and programmes that deliver expected results, enabling growth and developing internal talent pools, building on transferable skills to adapt workforces to market demands. Whether a client is looking to upskill its workforce, needs support delivering its curriculum, or struggling to embed internal learning, ESP creates solutions that are tailored to relevant business goals. On average 30% of ESP’s staff are either ex-Forces or -Reservists, and a silver badge holder in strong support of the Armed Forces Covenant. The ESP team are highly skilled and professionally qualified in what they do, and above all, their focus is on every learner and inspiring them to fulfil their potential to meet their individual career development goals. Managing Director at ESP, Jason Hargreaves says, “The one thing that our team at ESP stands by is that no learner is left behind. Our role is to mentor, coach, and guide every learner step by step to achieve their full potential, to support their career goals.” ESP’s services come with flexible learning delivery methods (in person, classroom, or online) to suit each individual’s learning style and time commitments. It is also able to scale its team up or down to best suit the client’s needs, whether they have a single learner or require largescale managed apprenticeship delivery. The ESP team does all of the heavy lifting to enrol and onboard new and current staff onto training programmes, whilst maximising the client’s training budgets by making the best use of apprenticeship levies before they expire, and accessing other funding streams. Keeping relevant with the ever-changing marketplace, ESP is assisting large UK brands in developing internal talent academies; and post pandemic retaining and upskilling of individuals for new roles and careers. Behind it all, is ESP’s hard-working family of individuals who always give their best to support clients and learners throughout their learning journeys. Jason says, “We are entrepreneurial at heart, and adapt our plans as our clients and markets shift focus and goals. We regularly engage with our staff on the latest campaigns, new business wins, opportunities to network, taking advantage of industry trends and supporting partner events”. Ultimately, continuous training to ensure you have the best team with the best skills, behaviours, and knowledge to achieve your goals is an imperative.. ESP has evolved and is well-equipped to scale up and down with employers’ requirements, keeping them abreast of legislation changes, new funding pots available to them to offset raining cots, and the latest trends in training to attract and retain talent. Company: The Education & Skills Partnership Ltd Contact: Jason Hargreaves Email: [email protected] Website: