Education and Training Awards 2023

All businesses depend on the strength of their staff, and so investing in their professional development can only benefit the efficiency of an organisation and the well-being of the team. Few understand this better than the team at Marshall Professional Development Ltd, who have earned success for their work in the Education and Training Awards 2023. We dig deeper to uncover more. Continuous professional development is an often overlooked but essential aspect of how modern businesses work. With new ideas and tools being made available to organisations, having the staff to utilise them to the best of their ability is crucial. Marshall Professional Development focuses on the running of development courses, the delivery of training programmes and improving governance, both educational and corporate. Often, people will not consider the value of CPD as a strategic aim, focusing instead on providing options for operational staff. By putting this aspect at the forefront of your business, however, it is much easier to create change that serves everyone’s needs. The team at Marshall Professional Development have many years of experience joining up the operational challenges of an organisation with the strategic aims they might have. The result is a commitment to improving the skillsets of each layer to create something bigger than the sum of its parts. Needless to say, the work of Marshall Professional Development has had a transformative effect on many different businesses. When we asked Jeff Marshall what he saw as the major differentiator for his company, he told us, “We create a family of schools, trusts, and companies which support each other for the greater good. This philosophy helps us focus and always come back to our main goal – up-skilling others to be able to make better decisions which leads to better outcomes, especially for children.” Key to this success in this field, therefore, is continuing to find new ways of demonstrating ability and learning new skills. “All of us actually do what we train and support on whether it be governors, trust members, trustees, or company directors,” Jeff continues. “We live the life. We involve our students in delivering sessions once they have qualified through us to continue their development and increase their knowledge. This up-to-theminute knowledge brings untold benefits to a school, trust, or company.” Working to unite strategic with the operational, and corporate with school governance is no easy task, but it is one which the Marshall Professional Development team have risen to with gusto. “Having the right people, with the right mindset and the right skillset sat round the table making the right decisions for the right reasons leads to better decision making and better decision making leads to better outcomes,” Jeff tells us. It’s why he and his team see their work as so important. In such a competitive market, however, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and find the CPD provider that suits you best. That’s why Marshall Professional Development has focused in on the needs of schools specifically. Schools struggle so much with finance that training for an often-transient group of volunteers can seem unnecessary. As a decision making body, however, it’s vital that these individuals have the ability to do the very best that they can. Looking ahead, the team at Marshall Professional Development are aiming to extend their governance training internationally. The team are also exploring the possibilities of operational training next year to complement their core offering of strategic thinking. With such a dynamic joining of the strategic and the operational at the heart of the firm, we cannot wait to see the results of their inevitable success! Company: Marshall Professional Development Ltd Contact: Jeff Marshall Website: Email: [email protected] Jul23535 Best Corporate Governance Education & Training Provider 2023 - UK