Education and Training Awards 2023

that workplace gets, and in people’s lives outside of work as well. Better people, better families, stronger relationships.” Therefore, clients can look forward to the highest standards of care, alongside exciting innovations such as the firm’s Leadership Accelerator programme, and the third year of the BSI Workplace Culture Excellence Awards. Clearly, as award-winners themselves, they’re ideally placed to measure other people’s success! Company: BSI People Skills Contact: Cathy Sheppard Website: Email: [email protected] Jul23031 Best Leadership Coaching Course Provider 2023 - Wellington People who are empowered can change the world. Isn’t that who we want leading our way forward? That’s certainly what the team at BSI People Skills want, as they focus on working with both teachers and businesses to grow and develop individuals. It has earned them tremendous success over the years. We caught up with Cathy Sheppard to find out more. Making a difference is not always easy, but Cathy Sheppard knows that her work has transformed how so many people think about what they do. With a business focused on empowering people in their roles and lives, offering a host of different training for the education sector and in other corporate environments, BSI People Skills has earned a reputation that is second to none. The team’s work covers many different areas. We asked Cathy Sheppard what they do at BSI People Skills to support educators. “We deliver the suite of Incredible Years programmes to teachers – mainly early childhood and some primary – for the Ministry of Education,” she tells us. “These are transformational 3-6 month programmes developing children’s emotional, social, and academic competence. The feedback we get from these programmes is phenomenal – restoring people’s joy in teaching, keeping them in the profession, hugely different relationships with the children, a full basket of tools to use in different situations, and much greater confidence in their skills as a teacher.” Not content with leading in this highly specialised space, BSI People Skills also offers tailored programmes to individuals and businesses. “These programmes include leadership development, team building, communication, developing vision and values, and creating desired emotional cultures,” Cathy explains. “All these are focused around creating an Excellent Workplace Culture, as this is what changes the lives of the people within it, as well as achieving much better results in the business itself.” The culture of a company like BSI People Skills is essential, as it is these values which are passed down through the teaching. “We have a very good culture within our organisation, important as this is in the field we’re working in!” laughs Cathy. “Internally, we use all the tools we use with clients, and they are embedded in our practices. These include Everything DiSC, Wealth Dynamics, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, the Emotional Culture Deck, and many of the Incredible Years strategies, as three of us work in that space. We have a culture which actively supports ongoing learning, and two of us are working as Peer Coaches of other facilitators.” The growth of BSI People Skills has matched the demand for change within organisations. As Peter Drucker says, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The team therefore have built their approach around the values of Respect, Valuing All People, Authenticity, Integrity, and Striving for Excellence. Such broad but people-centric values have allowed the firm to work with many different clients. Using the skill of incredible facilitators has meant that no matter what industry the team is working in, they can tailor it to suit their needs. It’s clear that BSI People Skills has a strong future. “Our whole team is very proud of the work we do, and the results we see through it for people’s lives,” Cathy says. “This makes a difference not only in their workplaces, but in the results that