Education and Training Awards 2023

As the world progresses, people are finding less and less time to adhere themselves to strict learning schedules. Life is always moving forward, and it can feel like an impossibility to enrol in a course without it disrupting your flow. However, SIIT – Scholars International Institute of Technology, offers students access to multiple study materials, all whilst allowing them to take their learning at their own pace. Below, we explore how its carefully constructed eLearning entity has reshaped the world of tech education. Offering certified courses in the fields of computing, IT, and technical studies as a means for students to gain skills acquisition and professional certification, SIIT embodies the meaning of flexible, affordable learning. And, as a result of the tailored nature of its vast array of course options, it’s able to pave the path towards any students’ success in their future careers. This, partnered with its dedication to making technology education and certification as accessible as possible, paints SIIT as an eLearning entity that truly has the future of its students in mind from the moment they enrol. Following studies and statistics that have established how students would need at least 2 to 3 study materials on a course or topic if they’re to understand the entire concept, theory and practise, SIIT sought to ensure that it was able to provide for these needs. As such, it presents a plethora of course opportunities to its students, each formed with the intention of preparing them for their future careers. It doesn’t just seek to educate, but to leverage its collection of study materials and lecturers in order to forge the industry experts of the future, be it through a theoretical or practical approach. Of course, it’s a well-known fact that accessibility is one of the most imposing roadblocks to exist within the education and training industry. Whether this is due to a severe lack of equal education opportunities for those heralding from disadvantaged backgrounds, or a product of increased prices that are near impossible to afford, it’s a problem that has persevered throughout the ages. Thankfully, SIIT exists to quell both of these issues in one fell swoop. Regardless of an individual’s background, it offers students the chance to pursue their dreams, without having to pay a monumental sum to make it happen. This is all made possible through its incredibly intuitive online learning platforms. Since SIIT specialises in eLearning, it’s fully equipped to provide students with affordable courses that are designed with ease of access in mind. Nowadays, interacting with others online seems to be the standard, and SIIT has taken full advantage of this to fashion something truly special. Its courses perfectly exemplify the union between technology and teaching, making it unique entity that’s able to help students progress, all whilst adhering to their current lifestyles. eLearning seems to be the future of education, but SIIT has already proven that it’s leagues ahead of any potential competition. No other entity has managed to achieve such an affordable level of effective education, and it shines through the multitude of awards that SIIT has earned in the past two years alone. Its passion and drive to deliver education and training to a wide range of students is unmatched within the industry – something that only stands as a testament to how far SIIT has come in accomplishing its overarching mission. And, with ambitious plans for the future, we’re sure that it’ll continue to educate the brilliant minds of tomorrow in new and inventive ways. Contact: Bonnie Johnson | Gemma Livesey | Leke Oyetoke Company: SIIT – Scholars International Institute of Technology Web Address: Jun23472 Best Self-Paced Tech Education & eLearning Entity 2023