Education and Training Awards 2023

The well-being movement is in full swing, and the meteoric rise in interest is only gaining momentum. Workplace anxiety, stress, burnout, mental health concerns, and skill gaps are driving the demand for innovative wellness and performance solutions that mutually benefit individuals, organisations, economies, and communities. Improving workforce wellness is becoming vital at all levels of businesses and governments. To survive, compete, and innovate in the wisdom economy, individuals must be in optimal states of wellness through all interdependent dimensions, requiring companies to prioritise investment in employee wellness. Health Med. Wellness + Performance was created based on the conviction that healthier employees are happier, more engaged, and more productive. The company is passionate about investing in the people that power organisations and helping them to achieve their personal and professional dreams. To this end, it provides a comprehensive platform to complement workplace wellness initiatives driven by a wealth of personal, clinical, and professional experience from a global panel of experts. This transformative approach aids enterprises in cultivating wellness-driven cultures, fostering environments where employees transcend mere roles in a business strategy. Instead, they are cherished and empowered to elevate their wellness and amplify their performance. When it was established, Health Med. set out to develop a holistic futurefocused solution that comprehensively addresses workplace wellness and performance, engages people, creates meaningful change, drives innovation, and positively impacts both lives and businesses. In its efforts to achieve this goal, it has developed a proven five-pillar framework that touches upon all seven dimensions of wellness through which people can flourish. Each of these pillars is designed to draw the full potential out of the user, helping them to grow personally and professionally. Health Med.’s data-driven solution is delivered through its purposebuilt, sustainable software that uses collaborative learning technologies and thoughtful instructional design to maximise meaningful outcomes, propelling innovation and human potential. Importantly, this solution runs in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN), aiming to impact communities equitably without prejudice. For its comprehensive digital resources, Health Med. has received a multitude of positive feedback from its clients. For example, one glowing review states, “This is an excellent course. I am delighted that I have decided to join it. The course is interesting, diverse, and in-depth. Its content covers all aspects you need to comprehend. The course materials are well organised and are ideal for referring to in the future.” Led by researchers, the team is composed of visionary business leaders dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom, fueled by a passion for personal growth, and driven by a resolute commitment to empower individuals. Each member brings extensive expertise in their respective field. Through seamless collaboration, this team is reshaping how organisations approach wellness and performance, leveraging their collective knowledge. Together, Best Online Personal Development Courses Provider 2023 - UK Health Med. is a multi-award-winning platform for workplace wellness and performance. It provides a range of online courses, digital tools, resources, and interactive features to empower individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. Here, we dive into the company’s work and speak to Brett Robertson, CEO and Founder, to learn more about its internal culture and future plans. they stand at the vanguard of personal and professional development, delivering innovative and highly effective solutions. With people at the heart of everything it does, it is no surprise that Health Med. works hard to create an environment where every team member feels valued, empowered, and inspired to contribute their unique opinions, ideas, and skills. For this reason, the company’s internal culture is underpinned by six core values: collaboration, innovation, inclusivity, learning, authenticity, and workplace wellness. Effective teamwork is key to Health Med.’s successful operation. The company encourages cross-functional collaboration, meaning its teams work together closely to exchange ideas, insights, and knowledge. Ultimately, this fosters an environment where collective efforts lead to exceptional outcomes. Innovation is at the heart of the work the Health Med. team does. For this reason, employees are encouraged to think creatively, challenge conventions, and explore new avenues to push the boundaries of education technologies. The company is resolute in fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace, recognising the intrinsic value of different cultural and background perspectives in its decision-making processes. Furthermore, as a company committed to personal and professional growth, Health Med. ensures that its workforce’s continued learning and development is supported in every way. All staff members have access to ongoing training, resources, and opportunities that enable them to enhance their skills, keeping them at the forefront of the industry. Open and transparent communication forms the bedrock of Health Med.’s team cohesion. Heartfelt dialogues are not only encouraged but celebrated across all echelons. The company shares information about its progress, challenges, and triumphs candidly, fostering a culture of trust. Health Med. recognises the pivotal role of work-life balance in nurturing a high-performing team. With a wealth of the latest research at its fingertips, the company takes proactive steps to promote employee well-being. Leveraging its full spectrum of tools and resources empowers each team member to thrive, enabling them to excel as their best selves. Brett summarises, “In essence, our internal culture promotes an environment where we are empowered, supported, and continuously developed, living what we believe and able to provide exceptional support to our learners. By fostering collaboration, inclusivity, and ongoing learning, we ensure our team is well-prepared to deliver the best possible guidance and assistance to our learning communities.” As a result of its continued excellence and unwavering commitment to the work it does, Health Med. Wellness + Performance has been