Energy Innovator Awards 2019

12 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , Facing the pressures of urbanisation, scarcity and aging supply networks, water has never been under somuch pressure. With leaks losing companies billions annually, PYDRO is looking to provide a practical and logical solution to this environmentally sensitive issue. We caught up with Founder and CEO, Mulundu Sichone to find out more. Leaders in Water & Energy Preservation 2019 - Germany closely with our customers, partners and mentors to validate our product designs and ensure that we can offer the best solution for Smart Water Networks,’ says Mulundu. To work in this sector, in Germany, as a start -up has proven a challenge. ‘The public water supply and sanitation in Germany is of good quality. Compared to other developed countries in Europe, the sector is characterised by very low water losses.’ This has made it difficult to convince investors that there is a clear need and market for their products. Instead of a few large utility companies, Germany is characterised by several thousand small utilities. ‘Our challenge is to obtain sufficient funding to focus on product development and this growing market,’ Mulundu admits. Fortunately, he is backed by a young, talented team. ‘We are a young, award-winning clean tech start-up company with a very passionate and diverse team,’ he says. This youth extends to their operating practices. The use of technology such as 3D printing and design software means that PYDRO’s engineers can design mechanical parts, create drawings and specifications and carry out simulations. It isn’t just the use of cutting-edge technology that makes PYDRO stand out, however. ‘What makes us unique is our corporate culture with ingenuity and resourcefulness at its core. We stand for products that combine simplicity with quality, durability and a modern design.’ Climate change has taken on more a priority for PYDRO as it garners more and more attention from different quarters worldwide. ‘We are very pleased about this,’ says Mulundu, ‘and hope that it will make it easier for us and other companies in this area to access funding and accelerate the development Water loss is no one’s gain. ‘One-third of the utilities around the world report a loss of more than 40% of clean water due to leaks,’ says Mulundu gravely. Indeed, as Mulundu moves on to discuss, European companies spend over € 45bn annually in water infrastructure and yet 450,000 pipes still burst every year, with water losses of 23%. Ultimately then, PYDRO’s job is to provide achievable and efficient solutions in this challenging market. One of the biggest problems that needs solving is the implementation of Smart Water Networks. When functional, these allow utility companies to identify leaks, serve customers better and of course conserve that precious water. Unfortunately, the biggest problems are that pipes are inaccessible and there isn’t any power supply in the pipes to keep the network running. PYDRO’s solution in this case was a hydro powered smart meter, able to recover and charge the smart meter at point of use. ‘Clean water is the most valuable resource on earth, so we work very of new technologies that can help protect our environment.’ One of the technologies that PYDRO are looking to develop is a complete system of self-powered sensors and valves as well as a corresponding cloud-based software solution. This would enable a smart pressure management system, reduce water loss and prevent pipe burst. Mulundu adds that ‘with the self-powered systems developed by PYDRO we pursue the goal of making a contribution to the minimization of water and energy losses.’ ‘What energy and water have in common are processes and infrastructure,’ explains Mulundu. ‘That’s where the savings potential lies and that’s where exciting trends such as Industrial IoT, AI and Smart Water Networks come into play.’ Alongside these changes in the industry are things like Industry 4.0, real- time monitoring and data-driven solutions. It’s a time of flux for the industry and no one is entirely sure what is going to happen next. ‘These are all very interesting trends that we at PYDRO are following closely and about which we want to learn more to understand what our role is going to be in this ecosystem,’ Mulundu says. Being aware of the changes is one thing and being prepared to adapt to them as and when they happen is quite another. Under Mulundu’s steady leadership, I have no doubt that PYDRO will continue to expand and push for further innovation on environmental issues. CONTACT DETAILS: Contact: Mulundu Sichone Company: PYDRO GmbH Website: PYDROGmbH: Oct19269