Energy Innovator Awards 2019

14 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , A long-standing company in the world of water treatment, Ion Enterprises continues to innovate and expand. With their focus on sustainable solutions that can be utilised everywhere, we thought we’d take a closer look and see just what they were doing that has made them such a success in this highly discerning sector. Leading Innovators in Energy-Saving Water Treatment 2019 the desire to offer customers the fairest price possible. With savings founds in all sorts of areas (including but not limited to water, energy, labour, chemicals and even insurance), it is no small wonder that the company has had the opportunity to grow and expand beyond its natural form to something bigger. Offering a number of different sizes and models of physical water treatment devices under the trademark of ScaleBuster, there is almost certainly a permeation that will suit nearly any customer. By lacking in hazardous materials, it is Founded in England in 1990, Ion Enterprises has since expanded to become a truly global force in the market for almost thirty years. Thanks to their innovative and sustainable ScaleBuster and EnviroTower, they have secured a firm hold on the market. The ScaleBuster has been applied into over 300,000 applications, with the EnviroTower fitted into more than 480 different situations. Many of these companies involved are well known across the world and have applied this turnkey solution with excellent results. Now with distributors in Europe, North, Central and South America, the Middle East and Asia, Ion Enterprises looks set to try and develop the ties it has into stronger links for the future. With environmental issues playing a major part in the image of a company, it is no surprise that extra costs have been expended across the board. This has lowered profits for these companies considerably, which is where Ion Enterprises comes in. As habits change, the sustainable selling point of the ScaleBuster and EnviroTower instantly appeal to companies wary of spending an extortionate amount to make their processes environmentally safe. Already, these technologies have seen a huge amount of investment over the last number of years. This investment comes from larger companies, global, European and North American as the business culture surrounding sustainable technology adapts. This sustainable approach has fuelled the company since its inception, but so has possible to use less, and safer, chemicals in the product that can only benefit the customer and environment in the long run. Ion Enterprises prides itself on not offering a commodity for use, but a solution to a larger problem. Many of its customers do not understand the potential savings that can be made, or the money they are currently wasting with their systems. At one hotel and conference centre in California, a customer was able to save nearly $300,000 from their operational expenses using an EnviroTower, Ion Enterprises Ltd. Oct19312