Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 15 g Ion Enterprises Ltd. when compared with the traditional chemical water treatment system. There was over 12% in energy savings, about 20% water, a 97% saving on chemicals, with 83% saved on annual labour to the system as well. Overall, savings can be as much as 15% of a cooling towers OpEx, and there can be no doubt that these significant savings represent part of the reason that 70% of customers return to use Ion Enterprises’ technologies again. The ScaleBuster technology can completely replace traditional chemical treatment of certain water systems; providing control of scale and corrosion in various water process systems. After installation of the ScaleBuster, limestone is mainly present in the form of aragonite, which is a non-adherent crystalline structure. This causes relatively little harm compared to untreated calcite that can cause deterioration and damage in unprotected systems. It works by making the calcium and magnesium in the system precipitate into suspension. When these particles reach the hot parts of the system, the tendency to adhere to surfaces is dramatically reduced. The ScaleBuster protects equipment from potential limestone damage with relatively fast return on investment. The EnviroTower works in a similar way, designed around the ScaleBuster, which precipitates the hardness (the calcium and magnesium) in the cooling water. This causes those ions to build clusters which grow larger as the water is recirculating through the ScaleBuster conditioner of the EnviroTower system, until they are removed from the water by a separation process. The EnviroTower system monitors the cooling system’s water conductivity and controls the blow down (so the operator can cycle up, saving water, while keeping the system scale-free). It also doses biocide as necessary, shocking the open circuit of the cooling tower once daily, as well as optional other chemicals. In this way, the ScaleBuster and EnviroTower technologies can completely replace traditional chemical treatment of certain water systems. They provide control of scale and corrosion in various water process systems to create an exceptionally clean system. In applications as EnviroTower (a patented water treatment for cooling systems as cooling towers) the in-built ScaleBuster is the key component allowing for the physical removal of precipitated hardness as well as corrosion protection. As stated above, the EnviroTower solution could represent huge savings in the operating expenses of a cooling tower. The various markets that Ion Enterprises deal in will not surprise you. Operating in the municipal, industrial, commercial and domestic sectors means that there is a broad range of applications to their products. Most of this work is handled by distributors who focus on their comfort zone areas initially, expanding outward as the success of the product became clear. Operating everywhere from powerplants on an industrial level to homeowners on a domestic level, the ScaleBuster has a home everywhere, and this means that the market that Ion Enterprises deal in is continually expanding to every property in the world. Ion Enterprises has never done anything by halves. Even having the basic technology to hand, more than $8.5m was invested for its launch into North American cooling system applications under the trademark EnviroTower. This involved developing the 8th generation of ScaleBuster, which looks identical on the outside to its predecessors but has in fact been totally redesigned on the inside. This sort of active approach to research and development looks set to continue into the future, especially since Ion Enterprises is very much set on developing its hold on customers in Asia. While having a strong showing in Europe and North America where they have been active for years, it is in this arena that growth looks set to happen. With the help of their distributors, Ion Enterprises can support customers in their local language, and just as importantly, in their own currency. This attitude has held true for many years, and will no doubt turn out to be a tremendous success in the Asian markets too. The way in which Ion Enterprises works is remarkable, taking an idea and continuing to develop and grow it for ever greater purposes. Making an invaluable difference to the environment, and to customer’s wallets, this company have worked out an innovative solution to a problem, then worked to make it a commercial triumph. Not set to rest on their laurels, these innovations continue as the company expands to match a global market, exploring new areas of business in the middle-east and looking to secure success there as they have done across Europe and North America. CONTACT DETAILS: Contact: Jonathan Gur Email: [email protected]