Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 17 , Recycling has become an integral part of daily life for many people, making a conscious choice to separate recyclables fromgeneral waste. But what happens to recyclable material such as metal – after all, it is the only resource that can be recycled an unlimited number of times. Enter SICON, withmore than two decades of experience in the design and supply of metal recycling systems helping companies of all sizes get the right machine and best system for their recycling needs. Best Metal Processing Equipment Manufacturer: SICON America A truly dynamic company, SICON are not just developing innovative solutions to recycling problems; they are pioneering the field. Showing others the way in changing the scrap and metal separation business for the better, the firm are continuing to deliver on their mission of building the most reliable and efficient systems for the recycling industry. Clients can rest assured that the future of their business, and the planet a whole, is in good hands. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: SICONAmerica Website: Contact: Heiner Guschall With a population of more than seven billion that doesn’t look to be slowing any time soon, recycling and material recovery has quickly become one of the most important ecological challenges of the modern era. It is a challenge which can no longer be ignored, both by individuals in their homes, and massive international conglomerates. Recycling has to happen, and the dedicated team at SICON are working hard to provide suitable solutions for companies looking to capitalise on scrapping and recycling. Operating as a 360-degree provider of complete solutions for machines and systems which process metals, plastics and residue, SICON are one of the most vital companies working in the industry today. With global attention focused on being more environmentally-friendly, recycling is a huge part of the agenda and companies are having to sit up and act. SICON’s solutions enable their clients to maximise profitability and ability to outperform the competition whilst being mindful of the environment. Serviced clients include a wide range of small and medium-sized scrap recyclers, right the way up to multi-national steel plants and international conglomerate recycling companies. Offering the right machine and the right system for any requirements within the scrap and metal recycling industry, SICON enable clients to customise their systems and projects to ensure maximum efficiency. Every product in the SICON range is characterised by rapid return on investment, and a significant contribution to environmental protection. The firm’s mission is unending, pursuing the best and most efficient scrap metal recycling equipment. Each of the machines and systems created by SICON are designed with the most cutting-edge technology available and made to work alongside any client’s specific needs. All of the machines are field-tested in a Technical Research Centre, where they also undergo constant development and improvement. The firm’s latest innovations include the LIBS-based LaserSort, which works excellently in tandem with the firm’s other flagship product, the EcoShred ® Vertec. The EcoShred ® Compact is SICON’s answer to the rising energy costs all over the world; the most energy-effective car shredder on the market today. A fully-automated car shredder with integrated pre-shredder, the machine works with less energy than classic car shredders without losing power. An excellent and innovation companion to the EcoShred® is the SICON MagSpin permanent magnet separating ferrous metals in underflow mode. Sep19569