Energy Innovator Awards 2019

20 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , Despite being a leader in the supply of “Technically Advanced / Low-Hazard” alternative chemistry, Fluid Energy Group Ltd. is still looking to innovate, improve and – ultimately- drive the future of their industry leading technology. We profiled them to find out more about their expertise and solutions. Fluid Energy Group Ltd. Best Oil & Gas Hydrochloric Acid Alternative Solutions Provider - Global and over 40 global trademarks protecting their proprietary technology. This determination does the company credit and ensures they remain at the forefront of modified & synthetic acid systems and the ancillary chemistry such as corrosion inhibitors, modified hydroxides, and sulphate dissolvers. These developments do not happen in a vacuum, and Fluid Energy Group Ltd. is very proud of its ability to listen to its customer base, partners, and regulators to continue to develop these advanced solutions for hazardous chemistry. One key to their success is they do not “replace” these commodities, they always endeavour to “modify” them so they can lean on the massive global supply chain already in place for these chemical commodities. Where the oil and gas industry are pushing in a direction of cost-efficiency and high-environmental standards, Fluid Energy Group Ltd. have created products to match these demands. With one of their product lines, their patented formulas along with patent pending processes have succeeded in greatly reducing the amount of water needed during fracking operations to the tune of many millions of gallons per month and growing to the billions of gallons of saved water and thousands of hours of time all while having multiple HSE benefits over the incumbent acids such as HCl. This makes them an incredibly attractive company to work with from a customer and partner perspective, especially when you consider the way in which Supplying chemical solutions to a truly global industry is no easy task, to put it lightly. Yet, Fluid has differentiated themselves through a firm focus on providing tech- nically advanced alternatives to commodity chemicals and associated in-house-developed ancillary chemistry. Of particular note is their ability to offer multiple technical downhole, storage & effluent advantages while also increasing safety and environmental standards and profiles of common global commodities, in particular HCl (Hydrochloric acid) which is one of the largest global chemical commodities in use across all industries. Founded in 2011, this Calgary, Alberta, Canada firm has grown quickly on the back of this expertise with multiple manufacturing facilities and partnerships throughout the world. Focusing on the oil and gas industry in particular, they develop and manufacture environmentally responsible, low-hazard, technically advanced chemical systems now deployed by many of the world’s largest oil & gas operators. By adding technical value with regards to more efficient wellbore stimulation, decreasing time, minimizing corrosion, transportation and safety concerns, and generally adding value across the life-cycle of using acids, Fluid has succeeded in building a loyal customer base that would be the envy of any major chemical company. In addition to the oil and gas industry they also supply many other industries with their NSF approved systems such as water treatment, concrete, agriculture and retail. The quest to supply new, safer, and more technical advanced chemical solutions to industry has led to Fluid investing heavily and constantly in their R&D efforts. Fluid Energy Group Ltd. believe this is the heart of their company’s business, placing a heavy emphasis on continuing to improve their technology, solve problems for their global customer base, and stay ahead of competition. On average they create a new patent every six to eight weeks, which goes some way to explaining why within their global portfolio, they now have many dozens of granted or pending patent applications around the world Fluid Energy Group Ltd.