Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 21 g Fluid Energy Group Ltd. they constantly push for technical solutions for their customers, increase the safety for the people working in industry and the public, and the environment in general. The entire ethos of the company is in line with market trends and the global demand for safer chemistry. By partnering, and or working, with the world’s largest chemical distributors, suppliers, and end users means that Fluid Energy Group Ltd. can ensure their technology is understood in its entirety and leveraged to guarantee that the best use of such technology will result in ultimately adding value to the customers opera- tions while gaining all the ancillary health, safety, and environmental benefits. By promoting the knowledge and application of safer, effective, and technologically advanced chemical systems to various interests, including industry leaders, consumers and regulators on a global scale, Fluid is quickly becoming known as the world leader in modified chemistry. Being relatively young as a company means that they are very conscious of the need to provide exceptional customer service, alongside their high-quality products and this is something they aim to do with each and every customer and client interaction. Although Fluid Energy Group Ltd. is growing well beyond its Calgary roots and looks set to continue that expansion at a furious pace, they have never lost their emphasis on developing new processes and technologies and providing their technology to their partners in an honest and ethical manner no matter where in the world they operate. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Fluid Energy Group Ltd. Website: Email: [email protected]