Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 27 g As previously mentioned, performance is the key separator of Cartel and their main source of competition. Where competitors don’t invest enough in their own operations, or aren’t willing to take as much risk as Cartel, this firm is continuing to pour money back into everything they do to establishing a client base and reputation that is incredibly strong. Despite several advantages that most big rigs have on the firm’s smaller ones, the team at Cartel drills with more speed and efficiency than most, thanks to their great equipment, maintenance, motivation, and pride in their company. Looking to the future, Cartel has every right to be excited about the years to come. Having now established a strong client base for surface holes, the team is beginning to expand into bigger projects, including turnkey exploration wells, saltwater disposal wells, fresh water wells, horizontal wells, and potentially even geothermal wells. As well as these new areas within the Rocky Mountain states, the company is drilling in South Texas, and looking to expand into the western states by getting certified to drill fresh water wells, both commercial and residential, in states such as: Arizona, Nevada, and California. Unequivocally, Cartel is the best in the business at what they do, always doing it with pride and passion. With expertise in a niche, but necessary area of the drilling industry, this firm embraces the opportunity to constantly improve their operations, their company, their people, and their industry. CONTACT DETAILS: Joshua Hays - Director Business Development P: 720-315-6628 E: [email protected]