Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 37 , Renewable energy is gathering supporters fromaround the world, as the topic of climate change begins to threaten the way inwhich humanity lives. Spreading the word about renewable energy works best when starting from the ground upwards, as opposed to being imposed from the top down. Placing the community at the heart of their projects, we profiled the award-winning ReurasiaManagement Corporation to find out more. Best Renewable Energy Project Development Company 2019 - Philippines Levels of satisfaction are impressively high, and the staff at Reurasia attribute this to their systematic approach to handling projects. Any project or contract begins with identifying and agreeing success criteria with a client and focusing on the criteria to develop the plan. This allows the following processes of planning, executing and concluding the project to have a solid set of aims that can guide the process. This can then be analysed at the end of the process to improve customer satisfaction quickly and consistently. Still a fledgling company, Reurasia has a lot of ground to cover. Thanks to occasionally complex and protective laws, biomass only accounts for 1.1% of the Philippines’ total power generation. This has been noticed by the government of the day, with only 1,0105GWh coming from biomass compared to 99,765 GWh produced by coal or oil. This is over 55% of the country’s energy supply. While not surprising – these are the main sources of fuel for transport in the country – several downsides like the environmental impact and high import costs. The Philippine government has launched initiatives to incentivize the operation of biomass and other renewable sources. Reurasia continues to evolve and develop apace to support the renewable energies developments in the Philippines and South East Asia. Currently, there has been growth within the company, allowing for the expansion of Reurasia by a factor of four. This growth has been fed by their prior capacity for acting as a one-stop-shop Ever since their inception, the Reurasia Management Corporation has focused on socially responsible projects involving renewable energy. Acting as technical and project management experts covering all aspects of a project’s life, from development to operations to closure, Reurasia can act as a one-stop-shop for clients, easing their workloads and allowing their projects to be fast-tracked through a separate organisation. The key to Reurasia’s business plan is the integration of communities into its projects, and specifically manoeuvring these communities towards more responsible and sustainable generation of power. By targeting the needs of communities where electricity access is difficult, impossible or prohibitively expensive, the use of renewable energy becomes the default approach. Reurasia includes the community in the decision-making process, so as to allow for a consensus. When the project is underway, the company can create employment through the construction and running of these projects, generally utilising biomass as a source because it fits Reurasia’s vision of sustainability. Common agricultural products like risk husk, bagasse and coconut shells can be used as sources of bio-mass fuel. By taking what was once considered waste and giving it a new purpose, valuable usable energy can be created at a profit to farmers. Projects can take place over years, and so ensuring clients are happy in the long-term is of paramount importance to Reurasia. ReurasiaManagement Corporation: Oct19261 for renewable technologies, as it allows processes to be finished at all levels, improving the overall service offered. There are a lot of islands in the Philippines still yet to be electrified, and if they must be, it might as well be green and sustainable. Reurasia redefines what it means to provide energy, taking advantage of the blank slate they have been offered in energy generation and providing a solution that satisfies governments, communities and businesses. The service that Reurasia offers might not work in other countries or in other situations, but it is perfectly matched to the diverse and disparate communities of the Philippines. Contact: Maxime Droit Company: Reurasia Management Corporation Web Address: Telephone: 0063 917 659 5595 Email: [email protected]