Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 39 , An often forgotten about aspect of renewable technology, biomass has slowly been gaining traction across the world. Located in Canada within reach of the boreal forest, SiliCycle Inc. have turned what assets they’ve had to their advantage. As we celebrate their award for innovation in this field, we took a closer look at this company and what it does best. Best Biomass Extraction Products Innovators - Canada The impressive portfolio of 1200 customers spread over more than 85 countries is a credit to the sales team and their constant communication with customers. More than anything, this demonstrates how SiliCycle’s team know their market’s expectations and use their innovative technologies to exceed them. Without this hardworking group of people, SiliCycle would not be able to function. With the trend towards ‘green’ technology becoming ever more prevalent, SiliCycle has become more conscious about adapting to meet this need. Thank to its location, the company has direct access not only to hydroelectricity – one of the cleanest sources of energy – but the biomass originates in the boreal forest. Taking advantage of the secondary metabolites that provide protection in the cold climate, the scientists at SiliCycle have discovered that these metabolites have strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory activities that provide potential promising applications in the field of nutrition. These secondary metabolites are produced by plants as molecular protectors allowing them to adapt and survive the harsh conditions of the boreal forest. With this easy access to biomass to serve as raw materials for the extraction plant, SiliCycle have the advantage of being a company that is completely vertically integrated. With the use of its silica gel technology and chromatography separation systems, it is possible to purify the bioactive Established in 1995, SiliCycle has always revolved around the use of silica-based technology. From functionalized silica beads to chromatography separation systems, SiliCycle is a major player in the field of molecular separation of purification. Taking this knowledge further, SiliCycle explored how to extract and purify bioactive components from various biomasses, including phytocannabinoids, with applications in pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics. An investment of $20M(CDN) is providing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in order to raise the company to the top 5 worldwide, in the field of extraction and purification, this facility will be completed in 2020. From humble beginnings in the 90s, this business has grown into a certified ISO 9001-2015 company, all procedures and all employees in line to assure its clients of ultimate quality and an unbeatable customer service. This, then, presents the ambition of SiliCycle’s work, with the overall goal to be a world leader in the field of molecular extraction, separation and purification. Having worked towards this goal for almost a quarter of a century, SiliCycle has brought about their current state through continuous investment in research and development. Now, it is the provider of high-quality products to its customers, the success of which is intrinsically linked to the close relationship they maintain with them. SiliCycle Inc.: Nov19064 compounds. SiliCycle can then provide high quality ingredients or bioactive fractions along with technical and scientific support in the use of such materials. Looking forward, SiliCycle wants to bring about a new vision in the global field of biomass extraction and purification, positioning the company as an inevitable partner in designing bioactive molecular components. Pushing this ability and expertise in partnership, SiliCycle offer a service of contract manufacturing organization, which it would like to expand. This extension of the company’s considerable expertise would assist other companies in need of extracts and bioactive fractions in the preparation of their own ingredients of finished products. It is clear, therefore, that SiliCycle represents a major opportunity for biomass technology and what can be gained from it. Operating in several different fields, SiliCycle have unlocked the potential of biomass for their customers. Able to provide an impressive range of products from their pioneering facility, it seems that the sky is the limit for this biomass-based business. Contact: Genevieve Gingras Company: SiliCycle Inc. Web Address: Telephone: 001 418 874 0054