Energy Innovator Awards 2019

4 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , Regen Power Pty Ltd Best for Residential Solar Systems - Western Australia Oct19141 Beginning with a vision to ‘create affordable access to power through sustainable solutions and innovative technologies’, Regen Power has grown over time to become an international player in the world of solar systems. an innovative microgrid project in the Ubin Island in Singapore. Regen has been actively involved in research and development projects in collaboration with Curtin University and the University of Tasmania. The company is also involved in a capacity building program supported by educational institutions in East Java and the Western Australian government to improve the skills of local labour in solar power installations. Looking abroad for potential sources of revenue really broadens the outlook of the company and allows it to attempt to fulfil its intention of ‘sustainable solutions and innovative technologies’. When the company was established, digital media and marketing was in its infancy and print was king. As time went on, this approach began to affect sales negatively. Fortunately, a successful recovery using digital strategies has helped to reach a larger audience at less cost than print marketing. Improvements have been made to clients’ online experience through social media, an online website, and online after-sales service requests. Investment in technology has changed the growth trajectory of the company, providing considerable returns in terms of increased revenue in 2018. With a 50% increase in installations in the last three years, these marketing changes seem to have set Regen Power up for the future. Typically, it is refusing to rest for a second, seeking to expand its already strong client base. The intention is to grow from an 8% to a 15% market share in Western Australia, over the next three years. It is hoped to be achieved through the opening of its new stores, alongside further research and development. This work provides the backbone of the company. Regen sees the future of the industry in the direction of batteries and is already making moves in this direction to ensure that it stays ahead of the Starting in 2003 under the agile leadership of Professor Chem Nayar, Regen Power quickly established itself as an ‘icon of innovation’ in the solar and hybrid power system arena. Never looking back, he and his managing director Nikhil Jayaraj have continued to push forward, adapting to the world around them with considerable investment in research and development, in online technology, and in looking both further and closer afield for business. Focusing on the Perth metropolitan area for residential and commercial installation for domestic work, Regen Power has found this a slowly crowding market to work in. Although Western Australia is the second largest state in the world, there are only one million houses in the state, with 30% of those houses already fitted with solar panels. To combat this, a store has been opened in Queensland this financial year, with plans for others in New South Wales and Victoria set to follow. What makes Regen Power unique amongst Western Australia’s solar systems providers is that it doesn’t focus only on the domestic arena. Offering off-grid solar solutions and various overseas projects gives them a range and flexibility to handle anything. For example, a huge solar farm project of 50 Megawatts has just been commissioned in Central Vietnam, with Regen winning the Owner Engineering Services contract. Regen was also involved in the design, engineering and procurement for 5MW project in Malaysia in 2014. Regen was a consortia partner in the design, engineering and installation of an innovative 500kW floating solar power plant in India -the largest of its kind commissioned till 2017. Regen is a world leader in remote microgrid technologies -having won product and technology award by the Australian Sustainable Energy Industry Association. It was a design and engineering partner in game. Exclusive deals with popular battery dealers have already taken place, with demonstration projects taking place in both urban and rural areas. Regen Power was recently accredited as a Tesla partner, further showing its commitment to developing as a company of sustainability. Regen Power has been around for sixteen years but is showing no sign of slowing down. By constantly innovating, it seems that this company can safely stand its claim to ‘create affordable access to power through sustainable solutions and innovative technologies’. With a focus on research and development, a proactive customer service team and large expansion projects both at home and away, it seems like there’s nothing to hold them back. Contact: Nikhil Jayaraj Email: [email protected]