Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 49 , Phenalkamine Hardeners might not be everyone’s passion, but Dr. Pradeep Agarwal has always had the dream to become the topmanufacturer of this product, giving customers the highest quality at the cheapest price. As he accepts this award, we thought we’d take a closer look at Ark Golden India Pvt. Ltd., the company that bought his dream to life. Best Phenalkamine Hardeners Manufacturer 2019 Customers appreciate being able to trust in the work that they pay for, and Ark Golden’s staff do all they can to ensure that this trust is well-placed. Being on hand to answer questions and share expertise, regardless of whether it’s an Ark Golden product or not, is one of the many ways in which Ark Golden has managed to gain the trust of such high-profile clients as 3M, Akzo Nobel and the RPM Group. In the world of industrial paint and adhesives, being associated with companies like these is a coup, and shows how diligently Ark Golden has grown since its humble beginnings. What started as a small company is now two industries, carefully selected to minimise the time between production and market. With industrial sites at Puducherry and Vadodara, Ark Golden is able to appeal to their national and international markets. While Puducherry is surrounded by the largest hub of Ark Golden’s key raw material, it is close to Puducherry Sea Port giving access to the Asia-Pacific market. It is also close to the metropolitan cities of Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Vadodara is also close to metropolitan cities, namely Dubai and Mumbai offering easy access to the domestic markets that drive the industry. When it comes to energy innovation, Ark Golden does its utmost to ensure as little energy is wasted as possible. To Dr. Agarwal, the prevailing trends in the energy markets are solar power generation, rain water harvesting and the selection of the right fuel to save energy. Being natural innovators, he and his team took a different approach to the matter. Developing products and processes to produce multi-products in a single reactor is just one method the team have used. Ultimately, the integration of advanced technologies and development of multiple performance properties in a single product reduces high inventories and allows Incorporated in 2003, Ark Golden is a pioneer on a national and international level, making and exporting Phenalkamine Hardeners on a global level. Under the exceptional stewardship of Dr. Agarwal, Ark Golden has flourished. Working to establish a presence in the long term and an image of value and repute in the global market, this has been achieved through innovation and quality. Under the maxim of ‘Innovation comes first’, the team at Ark Golden made history by introducing the innovative new process of ‘Phenalkamine Epoxy Hardeners’. Mixing continuous product development with cost effectiveness has won the trust and confidence of Ark Golden’s customers, with no complaints in terms of technical and commercial supplies and zero debtors and creditors since the beginning of the company. Ark Golden India Pvt. Ltd.: Oct19614 maximum efficiency with the minimum of manpower. To Dr. Agarwal, the root cause for high energy consumption is the lack of consideration given to more subtle ways to save energy compared to visible changes in how we generate this energy in the first place such as solar or wind power. The future for Ark Golden depends on identifying the right products for markets in the future. As ever, continuous innovation is the key to developing the cost-effective advanced technologies that will keep Ark Golden at the forefront of their field. The process has already begun, with development starting on a cost-effective water-based green product line, an underwater curable coating system, protective coating for food and portable water tanks and pipes and finally rapid curing coatings and adhesives to save on energy costs. With innovation at the heart of the business, it’s no wonder that this company has kept adapting and evolving to suit changing times and demands. Operating on an international level, with an eye on efficiency always, Ark Golden has high standards to maintain. With exciting new products on the horizon, we can’t wait to see how those standards are exceeded. Contact: Dr. Pradeep Agarwal Company: Ark Golden India Pvt. Ltd. Web Address: Telephone: 91 9376225087